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Our solutions range from the Internet of Things (IoT), remote monitoring & data acquisition, HMIs, PLCs, motion control, safety, sensors, to programming including panel builds and design.

Wind Power Generation Transmission System

Use of industrial Ethernet switches in motor control circuits.

China’s national wind power capacity is expected to reach 30 million W by 2015. By conservative estimation, China’s wind power capacity will be up to 80 million W by 2020. The dramatic increase in the number of wind power plants thereby requires a great number of wind farm information management systems and remote wind turbine monitoring systems. Since these systems are used in harsh environments, they need the support of managed industrial Ethernet switches with wide temperature ranges. Recently, a large manufacturer of wind power turbines purchased Advantech’s EKI series as the main network switches for its management system.

To ensure data security of remote monitoring, the switch should be configured with comprehensive network security. After thorough consideration, the customer purchased Advantech’s EKI-7554SI and EKI-4654R as the main switches for the network architecture of their wind farm management and wind turbine remote monitoring system.

This application success story is from Advantech

Tri-Phase Automation is an Advantech distributor in Wisconsin.
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Advantech: Wind Energy Control System

advantechwind2Distributed Energy Resource (DER) systems are small-scale power generation technologies (typically in the range of 3 kW to 10,000 kW) used to provide an alternative to or an enhancement of traditional electric power systems. Wind energy is one of the major power sources for DER, especially for standalone power generators within a smart grid system. One of Taiwan’s leading smart grid projects is working to integrate wind energy systems to develop a complete system with an excellent cost/performance ratio. They turned to Advantech for a solution which could deliver pitch control, hydraulic system monitoring and wind turbine control.

APAX-5521KW combined with APAX I/O modules were integrated into the wind control system to provide optimum control. As a powerful PAC controller with embedded KW SoftLogic, APAX-5521KW is the best platform to provide real-time deterministic execution of complicated pitch control application. Furthermore, it takes advantage of one CANopen interface and one LAN port to offer communication ability with other devices. The APAX-5080PEC high-speedcounter module provides accurately encoded A/B/Z signals from wind yaw and rotor blades. Through APAX-5060, 12 channel relay output can be connected to the hydraulic system to control the yaw and rotor blades.

Tri-Phase Automation is a distributor of Advantech in Wisconsin.

A Robust Solution for Industrial Wastewater Monitoring System

A solution from Advantech

Oadvantech-robust-solution-for-waste-monitoringne of the major companies in China which specializes in automatic control technology of environmental protection plans to upgrade its system to on-line monitoring for wastewater quality so as to improve the degree of automated wastewater quality monitoring and reduce errors in measurement. In order to monitor water quality with early warnings, the new solution has to provide continuous and automatic monitoring by using an accurate data acquisition module and robust embedded computer.

There are many types of industrial wastewater based on different industries and contaminants therefore monitoring system must be designed specifically for the particular type of effluent produced and cover a wide range of measuring parameters. Consequently, the related hardware devices have to have a wide array of IO ports to connect various meters and analyzers. Meanwhile, SCADA software is also a basic requirement to provide remote control with the best human-machine interface for technicians. For system reliability, Advantech proposed a total solution, including hardware and software products to guarantee failure-free reliable and accurate measurements. First of all, an analog input module, ADAM-4017 with isolation protection offers the assurance of stable operation while collects a variety of signals from water quality analyzers and PH/Temperature/Conductivity/DO/Turbidity meter. Secondly, UNO, a DIN-rail and high performance automation computer with rugged design is in charge of processing these raw materials and sending them to the central servers in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and enterprise’s monitoring room. As for the computers in control centers, simultaneously receiving the on-site data enables technicians or supervisors to continuously monitor the current water quality status through Advantech WebAccess, an HMI/SCADA software that features animated graphics displays, real-time data control, trends, alarms and logs.

Advantech offers ruggedized hardware products with low failure rates for industrial wastewater monitoring systems to ensure best measuring results. In addition, this on-line monitoring system can increase productivity and reduce labor costs through Advantech’s real-time data acquisition and SCADA software to remote control and management

Tri-Phase Automation is a distributor of Advantech in Wisconsin.

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Sweet Temptation: Chocolate Bar and Pieces Boxing Machine

Candy sorting
Fig. 1: Chocolate storage container as a preliminary stage for boxing

Reflective light barriers and proximity switches used in sorting

A solution story from Pepperl+Fuchs

LEKO-Verpackungstechnik GmbH in Murnau designs and builds special machinery for confectionery technology. These special machines are designed for the isolation, packaging and boxing of small chocolate bars and pieces. The task of this system is to combine individual chocolate pieces into layers and then insert them into various vending boxes. During implementation two chocolate varieties (Napolitanis and alcohol-filled chocolates) and several vending box formats must be taken into account.


candy bar packaging
Fig. 2: Conveyor belt with chocolate detection

Via five sorting pots the chocolates are moved into the correct position and deposited in the correct orientation onto a collection conveyor. The jamming control of the sorting pots is controlled by reflective light barriers. The 180° rotation and the counting are triggered via light sensors with background light elimination and a fixed sensor distance. The reference position of the servo-motor axes is determined via inductive proximity switches.

The detection of packaged chocolates on the white conveyor belt is carried out by the reflection light sensor with background elimination ML4.1-8-H-20-RT. Due to its low black/white difference, the sensor reliably detects every passing item in spite of highly reflective aluminum packaging at a very small distance from the white conveyor belts. The fixed sensor distance prevents a maladjustment during ongoing production.

Fig. 3: Chocolate detection in the box infeed

For the detection of products in the collector rail of the sorting pots, the stacking height of the lining placement unit and the jamming control of the vending boxes, the reflective light barrier with pole filter ML7-55/59/103 is used. The advantages of this light barrier for the client lie in its compact design and small visible beam spot. The distance between the reflective light barrier and the reflector can be kept extremely low.

Fig. 4: Detection of motor rotations
Fig. 4: Detection of motor rotations

The reference position of the servo axes is captured by the proximity switches.

Tri-Phase Automation is a distributor of Pepperl+Fuchs in Wisconsin.