Safe Stack Turners and Logistics Systems in the Printing Industry

Modular safety system exploits rationalization potential

Due to increased printing capacity, automation of logistics processes is critical. Printed sheets must arrive at the feeder and be delivered without process delays. With every unnecessary machine stop, the printing and ink parameters must be reset and optimized, adding time, waste, and cost to the process.

Application Solution:
All operator-accessible points on the machine are monitored with light barriers and light grids. Pepperl Fuchs SLA29 sensors are permanently active safety light barriers. Their detection range is extended by means of adjustable mirrors as far as this is useful. Depending on the risk potential, SLC30 safety light curtains may be required as an option for hand protection.

Previously, Krifft & Zipsner had used four different switching devices by two manufacturers for every machine, for example, the SLVA-4K evaluation device for the permanent light barriers and the SLVA-8K for the muted light barriers. All of these functions are now performed by the Safebox in an easier and more rational way.

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Quality in Manufacturing: Double Sheet Detection for Plastic Plate and Film Sheet

Double Sheet Detection

Cost effective processing of plastic plates and film sheets is very important in manufacturing print products. Quality requirements for high gloss products are very demanding. Even the smallest scratch on the surface or manufacturing steps that are not completely clean can result in waste. Plastic plates and film sheets are separated from a stack into individual units for further processing. Before the individual plastic plates or film sheets are cut to size, a check must determine that only one plate or sheet has been supplied. If not, the equipment can be damaged and the material will be unusable. Double sheet detection increases equipment life and minimizes material waste.

The Solution:
The Pepperl+Fuchs UDC-18GM-400-3E3 ultrasonic double sheet detector checks for the presence of an item before it reaches the blade. The presence of more than one unit, due to static electricity or other reason, triggers an alarm. The UDC-18GM-400-3E3 reliably identifies the presence of no sheet, single sheet, or double sheet, ensuring reliable, quality processing.

Double sheet detection has previously been triggered by a simple mechanical switch. Measurement that involves contact can mar the high-gloss plates or sheets. The change was made to no-contact ultrasonic detection to increase quality. Scratches are now a thing of the past. The Pepperl Fuchs UDC-18GM-400-3E3 ultrasonic double sheet detector is designed for a wide range of applications and is able to check all materials, from transparent film and thin film sheets to plastic plates 2 mm thick. For thicker media, such as sheet steel, the UDCM-30GM-085-3E3 ultrasonic double sheet detector is available.

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3D Machine Vision Improves Quality Control

Customers and machine builders always look for ways to cut component counts, reduce complexity, and increase throughput in a manufacturing process. 3D camera technology can help improve quality and reduce costs by measuring the shape and color of an object during production.

Users can improve system up time, increase throughput of quality parts, and scrap bad parts sooner. 3D imaging is ideal where height, shape, volume, and even color is important. This is common in grading fruits and vegetables, baked goods, lumber, electronic assemblies, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. With 3D and color, more reliable inspections improve quality and reduce waste. One such product,a  SICK 3D Camera, can replace several cameras for the same task, reducing cost and complexity by combining functionality of a 3D camera and a linescan color camera. The camera can be configured to provide several measurements at the same time, such as 3D shape, laser scatter, color, and monochrome, according to the needs of each application. The camera works on the general principle of laser triangulation for the 3D data acquisition, collecting up to 35,000 3D profiles per second. Chip design parses the imager into separate cameras so multiple algorithms can be run simultaneously, allowing acquisition of the color data. Color data is acquired from three rows, creating a special offset among the three color segments. A combination of algorithms, color, and 3D has been used in the baking industry and construction materials, such as bricks and clay, for years. Manufacturers often used large, complex systems to measure the overall product shape and compare it to the desired part. A second color camera would image and analyze the items for baking degree or doneness. With one system, machine size can be reduced, and throughput of the line can be increased due to the camera’s high-speed imaging. The filtering function adapts for the variation in speed using mark data from an encoder. Improved structure for getting encoder data eases color image registration. The camera can take advantage of the Coordinator tool, calibrating the 3D data. The calibration and scalable target for different fields-of-view, reduces to minutes a job that could have taken hours or days. Calibration look-up file is stored in the camera’s flash drive, making real-world calibrated points available for application programming.

This is an application from SICK

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Chipboard Detection in Dirty Surroundings

Ultrasonic sensors used in rough environment

The chipboard (particle board) turner from BHT Bau- und Holztechnik Thüringen GmbH requires a detection system that can reliably detect whether a compartment is occupied or not, even in dirty and dusty surroundings.

Application Solution:
The solution consists of approximately 30 ultrasonic sensors UB500-30GM-E5-V15, which are installed horizontally between the roller conveyors. The attached sound deflector UVW90-M30 deviates the ultrasound upwards and the sensor detects whether a compartment is occupied or not. Dust and dirt cannot settle on the active sensor, and falls down through a slot in the sound deflector.

Using the ultrasonic sensor with attached sound deflector helps prevent error signals and downtime caused by contamination.

This is an application solution from Pepperl+Fuchs.
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F99 Inclination Sensors in Fire Fighting Vehicles

In fire protection, it is extremely important that the ladder and rescue cage are level.The F99 inclination sensor from Pepperl Fuchs is used precisely for this purpose by IVECO MAGIRUS Brandschutztechnik GmbH.

Application Solution:
While leveling is automated with the vehicle controls, the inclination sensors provide the information regarding the relevant inclination angle. The high resolution of the F99 inclination sensors enables the precise leveling of rescue cages and rotary ladders, increasing the safety of the rescue crews.

The ladder and cage are adjusted during rotation so that the rescue cage always remains horizontal.

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Side Loader and F99 Inclination Sensor

The combination of the HUBTEX multi-way side loader and F99 Inclination Sensor increases loading efficiency.

If lift heights are very high, or when the driver is unable to see the exact fork inclination in the rack, the F99 inclination sensor from Pepperl+Fuchs can easily solve the problem.

It can easily manage bar stock material, sheet packs, particle board, tools, cable drums, rollers, and oversized pallets whether they are located in narrow-aisle racking installations or freely accessible indoor and outdoor areas. The F99 inclination sensor is mounted to the mast of the electric multi-way side loader and transmits the fork inclination to the HUBTEX Information Terminal in the driver’s cab. The driver in the cab can select the predefined lift height at the touch of a button and store up to 99 positions. He is aware at all times of the exact fork inclination.

The inclination sensor and the HUBTEX Information Terminal speed up the storage and retrieval of the goods in the racks and the loading and unloading of trucks. The system guarantees increased levels of safety at work and ensures that goods are not damaged.

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Sensors for Agricultural Machinery

Sensors have a wide range of uses in the agricultural industry

The MP 2000 compactor baling press from the Norwegian company Orkel has many applications for Pepperl Fuchs’ industrial sensors:

  • Filling level measurement in a container
  • Position control of flaps, shutters and casings
  • Counting the number of axle revolutions

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Safety in waste water treatment facilities

In addition to specific process areas of a waste water treatment facility where a wide range of intrinsically safe solutions are required, the water filtration equipment and the entire waste water treatment plant itself must be monitored to protect against corrosive, dusty, dirty, and explosive atmospheres, in addition to lightning protection and purge suppression.

Pepperl Fuchs has a wide range of protection methods that will keep the waste water treatment plant safe and operating effectively.

  • Lightning and surge protection
  • Intrinsic safety
  • Purges suppression

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Monitoring of oil, petrol and gasoline separators

Monitoring of oil, petrol and gasoline separators.
A water industry solution from Pepperl Fuchs

Using oil separators and oil water separators to protect groundwater sources from oil, gasoline and petrol pollution is crucial. Water, especially groundwater sources used for drinking water and other human use, is a valuable resource that must be protected from pollution. Car repair shops, airport runways and industrial applications can produce oily water runoff that has the potential to cause groundwater contamination.

Close monitoring of oil separators and oil water separators is provided with an electronic alarm system, featuring an early-warning mechanism that is able to recognize critical operating conditions of the separator early enough to prevent any discharge of pollutants into the environment.

Pepperl Fuchs Products: Level Measurement and intrinsically safe mobile devices

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Monitoring a Foil Winder with Pepperl+Fuchs Rotary Encoder

The company ATH Automatisierung und Anlagentechnik Hameln GmbH develops, among other products, control technology for winding machines used in the most varied sectors of the foil, paper and fleece industry.

In a foil winder large reels of foil are wound up or down. During the winding of the foil mechanical movements must be tuned via the control technology of the drive motors. To capture the positions of existing linear and rotary axes, absolute encoders are used permitting the precise indexing of positions. This precision is necessary for the high demands on the winding quality, especially with thin foils (6 µm) and high speeds (1000 m/min) in order to be able to carry out the winding process and the coil reel change.

For the control of the drive motors, the Pepperl Fuchs singleturn and multiturn absolute encoders PVS58N-011AGR0BN-0013 and PVM58N-011AGR0BN-1213 are used. The rotary encoder technology replaces mechanical movement capturing devices which are expensive to install. The failure liability is reduced. The reduction of the failure frequency provides a cost saving during plant operation since expensive outages can be avoided.

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