Monitoring and Controlling Water Distribution

Unitronics helps Monitoring and Controlling of Water Distribution

Remote Monitoring and Controlling of flow and pressure of water in the network.

PLC  Vision130™ with 16 I/Os – 83 pieces

The automation system permits a real time monitor of the flow and pressure of the water in the network, and remote command of the pumps and valves from the water distribution system from another location.

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Always On Top Of Water and Wastewater Flows

How can you make sure that your pumps are operational when water levels rise?

Monitoring pumps and water levels 24/7 without being on-site.

With a HMS remote management solution, you can see the exact status of your pumps and water levels without being physically present 24/7. You can also monitor the energy consumption to streamline your operations.

This is a water and wastewater remote monitoring application solution from HMS.

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Safety in waste water treatment facilities

In addition to specific process areas of a waste water treatment facility where a wide range of intrinsically safe solutions are required, the water filtration equipment and the entire waste water treatment plant itself must be monitored to protect against corrosive, dusty, dirty, and explosive atmospheres, in addition to lightning protection and purge suppression.

Pepperl Fuchs has a wide range of protection methods that will keep the waste water treatment plant safe and operating effectively.

  • Lightning and surge protection
  • Intrinsic safety
  • Purges suppression

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Monitoring of oil, petrol and gasoline separators

Monitoring of oil, petrol and gasoline separators.
A water industry solution from Pepperl Fuchs

Using oil separators and oil water separators to protect groundwater sources from oil, gasoline and petrol pollution is crucial. Water, especially groundwater sources used for drinking water and other human use, is a valuable resource that must be protected from pollution. Car repair shops, airport runways and industrial applications can produce oily water runoff that has the potential to cause groundwater contamination.

Close monitoring of oil separators and oil water separators is provided with an electronic alarm system, featuring an early-warning mechanism that is able to recognize critical operating conditions of the separator early enough to prevent any discharge of pollutants into the environment.

Pepperl Fuchs Products: Level Measurement and intrinsically safe mobile devices

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Incineration /odor control + methane recovery- Sludge Treatment

Methane is a by-product of recovered sewage sludge in waste water treatment. Methane is highly flammable, toxic if inhaled or consumed, and can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly. Methane is odorless, while other resulting gases associated with the treatment of raw sewage are highly explosive, such as hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide produces an overpowering odor. Pepperl Fuchs has a wide range of intrinsically safe solutions for explosive gases.

Pepperl Fuchs has several technology solutions for waste water facilities that range from point-to-point and multiplexed HART and Fieldbus solutions.

Today, thanks to the Field Barrier, you can directly connect up to 12 PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION fieldbus-H1 field devices or a Segment Protector in Division 2 hazardous areas. Each FieldBarrier has 4 IS connections and can be cascaded together with up to 4 FieldBarriers. The four outputs of the FieldBarrier deliver 40 mA and thus allow the connection of many more intrinsically safe field devices. The need for live work on the passive wiring of trunk and fieldbus distribution modules is extremely unlikely; these can be installed using the explosion proof method.

This application solution is by Pepperl+Fuchs

Tri-Phase Automation is a distributor of Pepperl+Fuchs in Wisconsin.

US Army Corps of Engineers – Hydroelectric Design Center

SoftPLC selected as Unit Controller Standard for large Hydro-Electric Power Plants

The USACE-HDC conducted extensive product reviews followed by a lengthy product testing process. All major proprietary hardware PLC’s and open architecture PC based control products were reviewed and tested. Due to the mission critical nature of the application, the process also included stress testing to determine the robustness and reliability of each product.

SoftPLC was ultimately selected over all other alternatives because it offered a flexible, open architecture system for applications today and into the future. Additionally, SoftPLC was also most suited for the mission critical nature of turbine generator control, proven by the testing to be an extremely reliable product.

The turbine generator control project has proven extremely successful, with the first turbine generator units under SoftPLC control since 1999. This success led to hundreds of other applications for SoftPLC into the hydro plants such as turbine blade control, fish way and screen automation, powerhouse mux control, orifice gate control, annunciators and others.

This application success story is from SoftPLC
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Tri-Phase Automation is a proud member of The Water Council

the-water-council-proud-member-logoTri-Phase Automation is an engineering based distributor with a broad breadth of innovative industrial solutions for the water and wastewater industry and we are a proud member of the The Water Council.

Our solutions range from the Internet of Things (IoT), remote monitoring & data acquisition, HMIs, PLCs, motion control, safety, sensors, to programming including panel builds and design.

A Robust Solution for Industrial Wastewater Monitoring System

A solution from Advantech

Oadvantech-robust-solution-for-waste-monitoringne of the major companies in China which specializes in automatic control technology of environmental protection plans to upgrade its system to on-line monitoring for wastewater quality so as to improve the degree of automated wastewater quality monitoring and reduce errors in measurement. In order to monitor water quality with early warnings, the new solution has to provide continuous and automatic monitoring by using an accurate data acquisition module and robust embedded computer.

There are many types of industrial wastewater based on different industries and contaminants therefore monitoring system must be designed specifically for the particular type of effluent produced and cover a wide range of measuring parameters. Consequently, the related hardware devices have to have a wide array of IO ports to connect various meters and analyzers. Meanwhile, SCADA software is also a basic requirement to provide remote control with the best human-machine interface for technicians. For system reliability, Advantech proposed a total solution, including hardware and software products to guarantee failure-free reliable and accurate measurements. First of all, an analog input module, ADAM-4017 with isolation protection offers the assurance of stable operation while collects a variety of signals from water quality analyzers and PH/Temperature/Conductivity/DO/Turbidity meter. Secondly, UNO, a DIN-rail and high performance automation computer with rugged design is in charge of processing these raw materials and sending them to the central servers in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and enterprise’s monitoring room. As for the computers in control centers, simultaneously receiving the on-site data enables technicians or supervisors to continuously monitor the current water quality status through Advantech WebAccess, an HMI/SCADA software that features animated graphics displays, real-time data control, trends, alarms and logs.

Advantech offers ruggedized hardware products with low failure rates for industrial wastewater monitoring systems to ensure best measuring results. In addition, this on-line monitoring system can increase productivity and reduce labor costs through Advantech’s real-time data acquisition and SCADA software to remote control and management

Tri-Phase Automation is a distributor of Advantech in Wisconsin.

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Disinfecting process purifies raw sewage

A solution from Pepperl+Fuchs

pf-disinfection-process-of-raw-sewageIn disinfecting waste water there is the need to accurately batch in chemicals and biological products to purify the raw sewage so that it can safely be released into the environment. Robust continuous level transmitters and point level sensors are required throughout the waste water treatment facility to accomplish this. Methane, acetone, chlorine, and ethanol are used. These gases create hazardous areas where intrinsic safety, purge, or explosion proof solutions will be used.

Large parts of the earth are covered with water, but supplying the world’s population with clean drinking water (potable water) is one of the greatest challenges. Pepperl+Fuchs has a comprehensive line of level sensors products for continuous level measurement and detection instruments for waste water treatment facilities. We can solve your particular measurement tasks in a variety of media and application areas in the waste water treatment facility.

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American Water Technology – Reduces project IT lead time by 40-50% with eWON

A solution story from eWon

ewon-waste-plant-monitorAmerican Water Technology is a turnkey manufacturer of water treatment facilities located in Redding, California. Serving the markets for everything from small water districts to industrial process water, they provide one-of-a-kind engineered solutions to meet the specific needs of their varied client base. Designed to minimize the capital expense of the large and complex systems used to control this vital resource, their solutions produce maximum ROI.

Operating with a team which includes professionally certified engineers, software developers, licensed system operators, fabricators and conceptual designers – they are responsible for the efforts required to evaluate, design, test, and maintain the water systems they produce.

eWON and the Talk2M solution

American Water Technology is an early adopter of the value created through eWON and the Talk2M solution. Right from the start, they discovered that the eWON solution established a 20% reduction in hardware costs associated with remote connectivity. They quickly learned that use of the simplified connection created an inherent ability to reduce new project IT lead times by 40-50%. American Water Technology learned this point to be a competitive edge in the tough water treatment market.

Direct secure remote connection

Depending on the geography distribution of their clients, American Water Technology uses multiple eWON products. According to Darian Slywka of American Water Technology: “Some of our projects are located in remote isolated areas. In these areas, we might take advantage of a 3G cellular modem build in the eWON to create a direct secure remote connection to our interactive logic controllers and water systems.” However, eWON is best known for devices capable of smoothing out the issues associated with using the customer’s LAN infrastructure.

“As you might imagine, there are significant issues with security relating to utility infrastructure. Opening ports in a firewall creates concerns for both the customer and for our own systems,” continues Mr. Slywka.

ewon-water-equiptEasy and secure VPN remote access

The eWON solution, along with companion service Talk2M, allows American Water Technology to assign engineers and programmers based on workload, project dynamics and business requirements. They monitor not only equipment access but log the time they spend working remotely. eWON’s easy and secure VPN remote access allows engineers to monitor, debug and later troubleshoot literally any device with an Ethernet connection – things like ILC’s, Drives, instrumentation and other devices can be connected as easily as if they were within arm’s reach.

Easy to configure

With the built-in PLC protocols for all major PLC vendors (including Allen Bradley, Siemens, and Modbus) it is very easy to configure the eWON unit to monitor key parameters such as: PH-value, PSI, water quality and others. The system can automatically send alarms to customer engineers or developers back at the American Water Technology facility. As a matter of fact, “our” staff can remotely troubleshoot and diagnose a water system from their laptop anywhere they have an internet connection.

American Water Technology’s customers are often affected by governmental regulations which require data logging as part of their system architecture. The next step forward is implementation of this feature which will allow further simplification of their design. Mr. Slywka believes this point will reduce yet more cost from their overall system price and ultimately deliver new services to customers with very little or no added cost. Think of it as a free performance report. Quick easy start-up, efficient adjustments along the way, remote monitoring and historical data logging are the future. eWON is creating the future now.


• Reducing the hardware costs of remote connectivity by over 20%
• Minimizing new project IT lead times by 40-50%
• Providing attractive new customer services with minimal development

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