High Speed Pressure and Leak Detector System

Detect Leaks

The current method for leak detect has been tapping on the top of lid and sensing the pressure. This is difficult technique with low accuracy.

Sense side of bottle, push with specific force and determining the movement to determine pressure in bottle. This is primarily in bottles pressurized by nitrogen filled bottles (soda, etc.) where they are more solid. If there is a leak the spring back is greater. The cycle rate is 20 Hz.

Beyond Bottles: This same solution can be used for soft pouch packaging such as contact lenses or coffee “pods.”

Watch this video and see how it works

Since the SMAC actuator can sense the surface, apply programmable force and monitor position of movement, SMAC has the game changing solution.

This application success story is from SMAC.
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Exlar’s FT35 Actuator Reduces Noise in an Air Exchanger System

Vertical damper control in an air exchanger system.

The Challenge
A customer historically used pneumatic cylinders to control a vertical damper in their air exchanger systems. They were looking to move away from pneumatic cylinders because of the large amount of noise the cylinders produced and their high power consumption. This application required both high speed and high load in order to move the vertical damper 18 inches from top to bottom. The move also needed to be completed within one second. The customer sought a quieter electric actuator solution that could also offer very high performance and low energy consumption.

Applications Solution
Exlar’s FT35 actuator paired with a servo system provided all of the necessary components to solve this customer’s application challenges. The FT35 actuator was able to perform the 18 inch move of a 300 pound load within the required one second cycle time. Not only could Exlar’s FT35 actuator perform this move, but it could perform this move without sacrificing the working life of the actuator. Furthermore, Exlar’s solution eliminated significant noise from the air exchanger system and allowed for better overall system control. Because of Exlar’s ability to deliver a prototype that performed the required functions quietly, the customer decided to replace their existing pneumatic systems with Exlar actuators. They also decided to incorporate Exlar actuators into the future production of this air exchanger system.

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Electric actuators make inroads into mobile equipment

For some mobile equipment applications, electric actuators bring a combination of high power density and high efficiency to places where hydraulics alone once ruled.

Designers of mobile equipment are facing pressure to use sustainable, energy efficient motion control technologies while still maintaining excellent power density and durability.

Application Solution
Using Exlar electro-mechanical actuators allows manufacturers to meet stringent emission regulations and accommodate smaller engine sizes while providing enhanced control and power integration. Electric actuators are increasingly finding application in some mobile applications, making them a viable alternative to hydraulics.

By eliminating fluid conveyance layouts and the need for ancillary equipment—such as compressors, pumps and hoses—electric actuators have fewer mechanical demands, which simplifies machine design, operation and maintenance. Also, by integrating the controls and power circuitry within the actuator, electric actuators improve overall machine control in mobile applications for a broad scope of industries. Electric actuators are also capable of withstanding harsh environments.

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Damper Control for Paper Products Facilities

This application note highlights the benefits of replacing pneumatic actuators with Exlar’s Tritex II AC actuators for control of dampers in paper products manufacturing facilities.

This note illustrates benefits many customers with a variety of applications can appreciate, especially if their actuators are located in hard to access areas of their facility. Read below to find out how Exlar’s actuators address and reduce the application challenges related to damper control in paper products facilities.

In paper products manufacturing facilities, regulating the humidity in the plant is a key procedure due to the effect it has on the quality of the final product, as well as the amount of energy used in the paper making process. Too much moisture in the manufacturing environment can result in poor drying or curling of the paper rendering it unusable. In addition, if the humidity levels are too high,energy costs can rise by way of increased dryer usage. To properly regulate the humidity in these facilities, precise control of the dampers is required to ensure excess moisture is kept out of the manufacturing environment.

In order to improve damper control, engineers are replacing their pneumatic actuator solutions with more precise and reliable Exlar electric actuators. With Exlar’s Tritex II AC actuators, controls of the dampers is instantaneous, with small incremental moves possible for precise positioning and ultimate control.

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All Electric Scissors Lift Provide Quiet, Efficient, Clean, Green Alternative to Hydraulics

A solution to rid scissor lifts of messy hydraulic cylinders

Most often driven by hydraulics, scissors lifts have historically offered an energy-inefficient solution in elevator applications. Hydraulic actuators consume twice as much power to operate as a servo electric actuators; and another great concern is the environmental impact of oil leaks, both indoor and outdoor. Indoor risks include fire, contamination of expensive carpeting, or the danger of a hard floors made slippery with oil– all resulting in property damage or personal injury. Outdoors, oil not only contaminates the environment, but presents fire risk there as well.

Due to their compact design and high power density, Exlar all-electric actuators provide the ideal solution to rid scissors lifts of inefficient, messy hydraulic cylinders. Exlar actuators allow scissors lift designs to maintain the same compact profiles as hydraulic actuators, but provide quieter, cleaner, and better controlled operation.

Electric scissors lift can be completely self-contained, powered from a direct AC source with on board, or attached pendant controls! Provide quieter, cleaner and better controlled operation than hydraulic actuators.

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All Electric Core Pull

The hot topic with injection molders is all-electric core pulls.

It’s an easy retrofit, just replace your hydraulic cylinder with an Exlar electric actuator!

The flexibility of the servo system allows the use of the existing hydraulic control switches for a near drop-in replacement. Additionally, servo systems eliminate lengthy start-ups and high maintenance, minimize cycle time and improve throughput!

Exlar offers several families of all electric, servo linear actuators designed to fit and mount in the same space as hydraulic cylinders. Choose from GSX Series, SR Series, or FT Series actuators, depending on your application. The combination of speed and force will meet or exceed your performance expectations.

Exlar’s cylinder design uses a proprietary planetary roller screw, which can offer 30 times the life of a ball screw, is compact and allows the actuator to be completely sealed. – Forces: 100 to 25,000 pounds – Frame Sizes: 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7 inches square – Stroke lengths: 3 to 18 inches – Mounting: Standard cylinder mounting styles.

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All Electric Actuators for Active Seat Suspensions

Actuators used for active Seat Suspension Systems

Active seat suspension systems in large vehicles, trucks, tractors and ships offer an ergonomic benefit to drivers and riders by minimizing operator movement.

Large vehicles that are driven over rugged terrain or on rough seas can impart severe motion to the operator. By sensing a vehicle’s movement, active seat suspension systems position the seat such that the seat movement of the operator is reduced. Active seat suspensions can isolate the operator from nearly all of the seat motion seen in most large vehicles, trucks, tractors and ships.

The excellent response capability of Exlar’s actuators, especially when compared to the slower response of hydraulic actuators, makes them well suited and ideal for an active seat suspension system. Accelerometers and motion sensors capture the movement of the vehicle, and with Exlar’s advanced servo technology the motion of the actuator ‘cancels’ out most of that movement. This is accomplished by moving the seat up or down to keep the driver stable and ergonomically protected from the rough ride of large vehicles, trucks, tractors and ship.

Tritex solutions are available to run off the electrical power available in most trucks, tractors and ships. Their compact package and multiple available standard and custom designs make them a perfect choice to use in any active seat suspension system.

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Unmanned Vehicles Used Exlar Linear Actuators in Darpa Challenge

A solution story for Exlar.

exlar-unmanned-vehicleThe DARPA Urban Challenge is an autonomous vehicle research and development program with the goal of developing technology that will keep warfighters off the battlefield and out of harm’s way. The Urban Challenge features autonomous ground vehicles maneuvering in a mock city environment, executing simulated military supply missions while merging into moving traffic, navigating traffic circles, negotiating busy intersections, and avoiding obstacles.

DARPA conducts the Urban Challenge program. Every “dull, dirty, or dangerous” task that can be carried out using a machine instead of a human protects our war fighters and allows valuable human resources to be used more effectively

Application Solution
The compact Exlar® linear actuators and rotary motor provided the ideal solution to keep the weight down and consume as little space as possible in the SOLO Autonomous Ground vehicle designed by SoftThought Inc. for the DARPA challenge. With standard products that pass the rigorous requirements of military shock and vibration testing, Exlar’s actuators and motors also had the reliability required for this arduous challenge. Read the full story

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Thermoforming Equipment with Electric Linear Actuator

A Packaging Solution from Exlar.

Powerful Roller Screw Actuators Replace Hydraulics.

Commodore Technology


The customer’s thermoforming equipment was using two opposing vertical hydraulic cylinders that came together to compress polystyrene sheets into foam trays at a high rate of speed. These trays are commonly found in grocery stores mainly in the meat department for meat and fish, fast food containers, restaurant take out containers, etc.

The customer wanted a “green” solution that eliminated the undesirable traits of hydraulics – such as mess from hydraulic fluid leaks, constant maintenance, etc. They were also seeking a higher production rate and improved product consistency.

The Exlar proposal consisted of an Exlar®FT35-0410 with high capacity screw, 2:1 parallel mount, oil ports with site gauge and a Schneider servo motor / drive.

The Exlar actuation solution nearly doubled the production rate from 20 cpm to 37 cpm.  It also provides significantly better consistency of the finished product

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MEAF Machinery BV – Thermoforming

A application story from Exlar

meaf-machiners-bv-thermoformingAPPLICATION CHALLENGE

Providing higher possible mould forces and a smoother motion profile along with long service life was the goal for MEAF Machinery while designing their new KSM600 high capacity thermoforming machine. This machine, utilizing air and plug-assisted forming, enables very accurate control of the wall thickness of the plastic to form ribs and contours, resulting in a final stable plastic product.


Exlar roller screw actuator technology was chosen over less capable linear motion solutions for this application.  Ball screw average life expectancy would not meet the service requirements of the KSM600 machine. Pneumatic cylinders could not produce a sufficiently high force and stiffness for pressing and rotating. By choosing two Exlar ®FT60 actuators and one GSX60 integrated actuator, MEAF replaced the pneumatic plug drive and the cam system for opening and closing the mould. Not only were the objectives of long life and increased load met, but an electric cam profile provided by the Exlar actuators resulted in a smoother motion profile.


FT60 Force tube actuators and GSX60 integrated actuators were used to replace the cam system.  Read more

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