Advantech: Server-grade IPC for Medical Imaging Equipment -Decreased Scan Times Reduce Medical Hazards

Reduction of medical scan times is crucial due to the great amount of radiation one is exposed to, and integrated, low-dose medical equipment is the key.

The vendor was looking for a dual-processor motherboard with large memory capacity that could support multiple GPU cards so that the machines could generate images rapidly and reduce scanning time. It was not easy, however, to find such high-grade industrial PC platforms.

Advantech provided an ASMB-310IRIntel® 5500/5560 dual-processor server board featuring six ECC registered DIMMs up to 48GB capacity, two PCIe x16 double-deck GPU expansion cards to enhance graphic performance, redundant design, and remote management functionality to enable easy maintenance. Due to its ideal component placement, additional full-length medical proprietary cards could be used without problem. Redundant design for hot-swap HDDs, power supply units (PSUs), and cooling fans also boosted ASMB-310IR system reliability beyond the specified project requirements.

ASMB-310IR integrates well with the customer’s equipment, providing high product reliability, backed by Advantech’s co-validation service support. The system also supports huge storage capacity: up to 16TB when configured with an Advantech server-grade chassis – HPC-7480 with its eight SAS/SATA hot-swap hard drive cages.

This application success story is from Advantech
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Advantech: Automatic Guided Vehicle

An automated guided vehicle (AGV) is a mobile robot that follows markers or wires in the floor, or uses vision or lasers. They are most often used in industrial applications to move materials around a manufacturing facility. One of our customers was looking to build an AGV for use in their warehouse that could integrate sound, light, and computer technologies which could be programmed to communicate with other robots to ensure products are moved as intended throughout the warehouse, whether to be stored for future use or sent directly to shipping areas.

System Requirements
Automated Guided Vehicles can be used in a wide variety of applications to transport many different types of material including pallets, rolls, racks, carts, and containers. AGVs excel in applications with the following characteristics; repetitive movement of materials over a distance, regular delivery of stable loads, medium throughput/volume, when on-time delivery is critical and late deliveries are causing inefficiency, operations with at least two shifts, or processes where tracking material is important. The customer had the following requirements when looking for products to help build their AGV:

  • An industrial computer platform with good anti-jamming ability
  • Easy for I/O expansion
  • Signals (such as offset and speed) acquisition and motor monitoring
  • Long time and failure-free operation

AGVs employ a lot of technology to ensure they do not hit one another and make sure they get to their destination. Loading and transportation of materials from one area to another is the main task of the AGV.  Central logging stores all the data and history from these vehicles which can be printed out for technical support or logged to check for up time. This solution consists of an industrial computer platform for connecting the monitor, keyboard and I/O expansions to read data of speed sensors and offset sensors as well as monitor the motor of the vehicle.

This application success story is from Advantech
Tri-Phase Automation is an Advantech distributor in Wisconsin.
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