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The production of Mozzarella cheese is a technical challenge. The living cultures require precisely defined site conditions and the fresh, pressure-sensitive soft cheese requires a well-conceived conveyance system to avert spoilage.

In Europe’s first fully automated production plant, Premiummarke Francia Mozzarella, the WAGO I/O SYSTEM 750 offers flexibility to meet these unique production needs. Because of the humidity in our plant, frequent disturbances arise, for example water in a valve gear can cause a short-circuit. Such disturbances are easy to locate using WAGO’s diagnostic tools, even when dealing with very large nodes. With the I/O system we have had so far no problems. The plant has been running for nearly three years and we have yet to exchange even one clamp.

“There are 50 field bus nodes in the plant – from the delivery area to the packing department. These nodes monitor filling conditions, temperatures of drives, etc.. The speed of operation of these nodes offers sufficient reserves for planned production increases.

This is a customer success story from Wago.
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Building Management Systems for Hospitals

The Central Clinical Hospital of the Federal Custom Service contacted First Mile for serious upgrades to their current monitoring system. The clinical hospital needed supervisory control for nearly all of the engineering systems in the facility. Those included the HVAC system for heating, cooling, and air regulation, as well as the security system to detect and alert operators to fire hazards. As with any medical facility, the Central Clinical Hospital brought with it strict requirements.

The installation of the new system for the hospital offered a smooth transition. They constructed an application with a minimal number of screens by using key technology and VBScripting native to InduSoft Web Studio. The finished product monitors each of the engineering functions, collect information on the ventilation system, the air chiller and HVAC, the temperature, and air supply. The issue of the hot water supply was also a major aspect of the design of the system. The water, distributed by the largest supplier in Moscow, Monsenergo, required quick changes in temperature and pressure.

The result of First Mile’s project was a system installed on desktop computers running the Windows 7 operating system. In addition, because InduSoft includes built in drivers for the WAGO I/O 750-841 controllers (the Modbus/TCP protocol) the software was able to communicate directly with the equipment.

This is an InduSoft customer success story.
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Monitoring and Controlling Water Distribution

Unitronics helps Monitoring and Controlling of Water Distribution

Remote Monitoring and Controlling of flow and pressure of water in the network.

PLC  Vision130™ with 16 I/Os – 83 pieces

The automation system permits a real time monitor of the flow and pressure of the water in the network, and remote command of the pumps and valves from the water distribution system from another location.

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Sun Tracking System for Solar Energy

Based on its very nature, solar energy isn’t available 24 hours a day. Making the most of our suns energy requires highly efficient solar cells and advanced sun tracking systems. Sun tracking allows the solar cells to face the strongest sunlight while it is available, so they need to be able to detect the strength of sunlight in different directions to determine the best location for the strongest sunlight. The solar plates must be constantly adjusted to the correct angle and direction by the sun tracker system, which requires a multi-axis motion control system.

Because sun tracker systems are installed in outdoor areas in direct sunlight, the devices in the system needed to be able to withstand harsh environments and have wide operating temperatures. This particular system also required a robust DAQ module to measure voltage from different transmitters and a reliable controller with precise stepping control.

Application Solution
System Description: The ADAM-4117 measures the input voltage signal from the sunlight transmitters to detect the direction of the strongest sunlight then informing the result to PEC-3240. PEC-3240 controls the stepper motors of the sun tracker system. If the different strength of the sunlight is detected between two transmitters, the PEC-3240 will calculate the sunlight strength difference to adjust the stepper motors to find the optimal position of the solar cell module. If there is no difference of the sunlight strength between two transmitters, it means the solar cell module is in the optimal direction of sunlight. The system can keep track of the relative data to adjust the stepper motors to control the angle and position of the solar cell module for getting the best performance.

After implementing the PEC-3240 as the control mechanism for this application, the sun tracker system has operated efficiently and reliably without any breakdowns or downtime. This positioning system outlines the inherent strength and benefits of the PEC-3240, which is suitable for many similar motion control applications. Not only can this Embedded Motion Controller simplify existing system architectures to save costs, but its rugged design provides a very reliable solution. Combined with the Advantech ADAM Remote I/O module, the PEC-3240 offers more flexibility for different system requirements.

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