The Revolutionary Sensor for Aseptic Environments

Accurate, repeatable and reliable non-contact detection of vials in aseptic environments – SICK’s stainless steel sensors enable this.

XTREMA F2000 is the latest innovation in aseptic filling from IMA LIFE.

State-of-the-art constructive details coupled with consolidated and worldwide re-known filling technology make of the NEW XTREMA Series the latest technological breakthrough in aseptic filling. Designed with a modern modular concept, XTREMA gives the possibility to actively manage the production process by tailoring the different machine phases to the actual production needs. XTREMA F2000 is an in-line filling and stoppering machine with continuous motion positive in-line transport system. The machine is suitable for filling liquid solutions into cylindrical vials and for insertion of rubber stoppers. It can handle all vial sizes in the range from 0.25 to 100 ml. To make this masterpiece work, design engineers of IMA LIFE were looking for an accurate, repeatable and reliable non-contact detection of the vials. Additionally, the solution needed to be robust, easy to use and resistant to any chemical agent used for disinfection (vaporized hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, etc.)

SICK provided IMA their competence and experience in developing optical sensors of the highest performance and reliability. IMA is guarantying to his customers:

  • robustness, to increase machine efficiency
  • ease to use and parameterisation, to reduce changeover time
  • accuracy of detection

To maintain high quality standards SICK photoelectric sensors of the series W4S, made out of stainless steel V4A/316L with a scratch resistant front screen resistant to any chemical agent used for disinfection (vaporized hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, etc.), was the perfect sensor for IMA LIFE. The W4S sensors combine the best optical technology from SICK by using a “PinPoint” sender LED, the bright and linear light spot across complete detection range guaranties state-of-the-art detection, accuracy, performance very similar to those of a laser. On top of this is the sensor IO-Link ready giving the possibility to change and store sensor parameters in the controls of the machine supporting 21 CFR part 11.


  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce changeover time
  • Maintain high quality standards
  • Robust, easy to use and resistant to any chemical agent

The W4 stainless steel series assures robustness, to increase machine efficiency, using a stainless steel housing and scratch resistant front screen. It is easy to use and to parameterize. So changeover time could be reduced by the use of teach-in or IO-Link. The accuracy of detection maintains high quality standards. PinPoint technology enables this.

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Simplified safety mechanisms on a packing machine

The “V300 Extended” camera safety system monitors guard doors while securing assembly cell areas at the same time from “reaching over” and, together with a photoelectric sensor, can provide exit only protection on a wrap around tray packaging machine.

A wrap around tray packing machine takes 6 or 12 drink cartons and puts them onto tray cutouts. The machine folds up the sides of each cutout and glues it to make a tray, which now provides a secure base to transport the goods. Several guard doors have to be monitored so that the machine stops if a person reaches in. The output of the machine also represents an access point to dangerous movements. One particular requirement is to safeguard the machine with electro-sensitive protective equipment which is quick and easy to install and which reacts within a specified time to an operator inserting their hand.

Application Solution
This requirement can be quickly and easily met with a “V300 Extended” camera safety system and a photoelectric sensor. This is electro-sensitive protective equipment based on image processing technology. The sensor sender and receiver are integrated in a single housing, as are the additional reset and EDM functions (Electronic Device Monitoring) to check the protection provided). To monitor the nine guard doors, the “V300 Extended” is installed in the upper right hand corner and the reflective tape is fitted to the fencing and also over the door frames. Taking account of the machine stop time, this means that the cell height can be reduced by more than half. The consequences of this include easier access, reduced safety costs, simple installation and maintenance as well as higher productivity.

During the initial installation, or for realignment of the “V300 Extended”, there is no need at all for the time-consuming alignment of sender and receiver which would otherwise be necessary. The camera safety system is also well protected by being installed in a corner. With just a single device, several guard doors can be secured at the same time.

This is an application from SICK.
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Sensors in Singulation with Odd Surfaces

Intellifeed, a manufacturer of high-speed automation equipment, has a machine that singulates small packages for the food and beverage industry, so they can be inserted into another package.

Singulation, the process of separating and aligning side-by-side or overlapping products on a conveyor, allows items such as cereal box giveaways and juice packets to be correctly packaged. Since all products are different (shiny, clear, flat, colored) and are moving at high speeds, a solution is needed that will reliably detect the distance between products on a conveyor. The machine, which separates product before it reaches a case packer or pick-and-place robot, is inadequate without an effective sensing solution.

For this application, the SICK W18 Photoelectric Sensor with foreground suppression was used. The foreground mode allows the sensor to be taught one of the rollers as the background. To sense foil pouches, irregularly shaped objects and any other hard-to-detect objects, an output is given when the background is changed.

The OES3 technology is simple to setup and has the ability to suppress reflections from the machine (machine is all SS). Plus, it complies with IP69K for wash down applications.

Detecting the presence of adhesive

Customer: Packaging machinery manufacturer
Machinery: Box packing machine – In the process of assembling boxes for medicals. The presence of white adhesive is verified.
Challenge: Adhesive is detected with the image processing system now, but it’s too expensive.
Solution: Photelectric Sensor
Zoom lens FX-MR2 is mounted on Fiber head FD-WG4. The spot diameter can be adjusted with FX-MR2 according to how much the fiber is screwed in.

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Detecting a mark tape on the transparent film

Food packaging Manufacturer
Packaging film manufacturing equipment detects the red mark tape where the food packaging films glued together for home use by a sensor.

Customer used competitors sensor , but false detection occurred due to the transparent film.

Panasonic/Sunx Photoelectric Sensor
FX-305 has two output channels. Alarm output mode in PRO mode (PRO6) enables alarm output for light amount drops and signal output for the mark tape detection.

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