C&C Technology selects eWon router for the remote control and management of four waste water pumping sites

Easy and effective maintenance of waste water pumping sites

C&C Technologies acquired four waste water pumping stations in the province of Novara, Italy which was 60 km from the main headquarters of the company. The company needed to implement a permanent remote maintenance and management system.  A router that would permit remote monitoring  and which would be easily interfaceable with the Siemens PLC and panels was required.

eWon technology was found to be the optical solution. By linking the eWon industrial router with the central plant system by a secure VNP connection, it is possible for the company to access and manage the system remotely and to intervene if needed through the Talk2M service.

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Monitoring the operation of waste water pumping stations in means of eWon

Collect large number of data in short time

Aquaflot was charged to build a new cutting edge waste monitoring treatment plant based on an existing one. To be able to design such a construction, a large quantity of data needed to collected about the existing building and its working process. They needed the quickest way of obtaining the data without interfering with the waste water treatment plant control system.

Therefore they chose to connect an eWon router to the PLC SIMATIC S7-300 of the current station. This installation enable them to collect and archive values from the system into the eWON router internal memory, select the monitored values and even select the time period to be displayed on the chart.

This is an eWon customer success story.

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Water treatment specialist opt for eWON remote monitoring

eWON industrial routers provide technical with low-cost and quick access the control system

Remote monitoring is now an absolute necessity for certain companies. In the world of water and purification, where distance between pumping stations, treatment installations and central office are considerable. Regardless of the location, a customer will want a broken-down installation to be troubleshoot quickly and running as quickly as possible.

Where extensive monitor and control system are required, they are equipped with the eWon 2005CD. Connecting a PLC poses no problems.

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Remote control of a cooling system

Corporate supervises water treatment plants without site visit

Stenco, a nationwide leading water treatment company needed to supervising plants without actually needing to make a site visit.

They installed a real-time remote monitoring system based on eWon industrial routers on a shopping center cooling circuit. The structure can provide real-time data capture which can be used to notify any leaks detected and control the water composition to prevent for instant corrosion problems. Stenco also has the capability to remotely inject additives into the water to control its conductivity and other important settings.

This is an eWon customer success story.

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USEMCO – Remote access, monitor and troubleshoot

Reliable, secure encrypted remote access reduces on site visits

USEMCO Universal Sanitary Equipment Manufacturing Company based in Tomah, WI, is the industry leader for the custom engineering and manufacture of turnkey pump stations, control systems and access doors  for Municipalities and Industry.

Installing an eWON industrial router, which provides secure GSM and Ethernet remote access, control, alarming and data logging, has enabled USEMCO Inc. to easily add a cost effective competitive advantage to their Bi-gester anaerobic digester facility, while using the freely available Talk2M cloud infrastructure for simplified and managed device and user authentication, integrating enhanced data collection was easily achieved through a variety of flexible options from CSV export to an API while enhancing their ability to meet the challenges of their wastewater customers. The combination of the eWON 2005CD industrial router and the VNC capability of the operator interface enables USEMCO engineers to remotedly log into the display and navigate the screens to see how the disgester is performing. Collecting data to build a usable database helps evaluate critical operations of the digester and determine necessary changes to the process.

This is a eWon/HMS customer success story.

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450 eWON routers enable remote monitoring at Thames Water Sites

Remotely monitor control critical assets

Provide real-time monitoring and immediately gain access to diagnostic information.

Application Solution
Installing eWON industrial Ethernet routers – which provide secure, ADSL and GPRS-based remote control and diagnostics – Thames Water will be able to remotely monitor and control critical assets located at its water pumping station across the UK.

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Advantech: Remote Monitoring System in Wind Power Generation

The Advantech UNO-2170 was used as a rugged remote monitoring system, interfaced with several different vendor products to provide feedback to the Energy Management center through Ethernet.

Wind power generation systems are always installed in very harsh environments with extreme temperatures (for example, offshore environments might be below -10°C), with an abundance of dust and vibration. Under these circumstances, applying an IPC with a fan as the host platform will result in reliability problems and system crashes. One of our customers aimed to design a reliable power generation monitoring system, and they were looking for a compact platform that could be easily installed to replace their traditional IPC system.

The wind power generation monitoring system is a dedicated application based on Windows 2000/XP. It needed a high performance platform rather than a general platform for Windows CE. Equipped with an Intel Celeron M 600 MHz or Celeron M 1.0 GHz CPU and Onboard 512 KB battery-backup SRAM, UNO-2170 is a powerful model that provides Windows CE 5.0 & 6.0, Windows XP Embedded, and Linux ready solutions.

This application success story is from Advantech
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Monitoring and Controlling Water Distribution

Unitronics helps Monitoring and Controlling of Water Distribution

Remote Monitoring and Controlling of flow and pressure of water in the network.

PLC  Vision130™ with 16 I/Os – 83 pieces

The automation system permits a real time monitor of the flow and pressure of the water in the network, and remote command of the pumps and valves from the water distribution system from another location.

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Fleet Management with Wireless Modems and Routers

With fuel costs skyrocketing over the past few years, keeping the transportation, field service and distribution industries on time, in control and profitable is critical to business success. In addition, first-responders such as police, firefighters, rescue personnel, border guards and other authorities require secure command and field-communication services.

Red Lion/Sixnet’s wireless modems deliver in-vehicle cellular communication systems for asset tracking. By providing real-time remote access to information between vehicles and central dispatch, their solution also extend to fleet management and service delivery applications. The end result ensures the near-instantaneous tracking of personnel for faster response times on service calls.

With a feature-rich suite of cellular automation and industrial wireless products, Red Lion/Sixnet offers a broad range of M2M modems and routers.

These solutions take advantage of low monthly cellular rates to deliver primary or back-up connectivity for remote sites, in-vehicle data access and other applications. Wireless monitoring and control provides a simple, reliable and cost-effective alternative to conventional landline or WAN connectivity solutions. Additionally, standards-based, enterprise-class functionality enables secure, reliable wireless data access, anywhere, anytime.

This is an application from Redlion/Sixnet
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Always On Top Of Water and Wastewater Flows

How can you make sure that your pumps are operational when water levels rise?

Monitoring pumps and water levels 24/7 without being on-site.

With a HMS remote management solution, you can see the exact status of your pumps and water levels without being physically present 24/7. You can also monitor the energy consumption to streamline your operations.

This is a water and wastewater remote monitoring application solution from HMS.

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