BOMAG GmbH and WAGO Shake Things Up

BOMAG GmbH knows hard work. The compaction technology leader makes the world move, it’s products compact lime on cliffs, move sand in the Sahara and crush trash in suburbia.

BOMAG’s top-tier steamrollers are 14-ton, diesel-powered workhorses that can be outfitted with one or two massive steel drums for compacting the hardest surfaces. In fact, BOMAG steamrollers can produce 20G of vibration for specialized construction.

Extraordinary vibration is not the only challenge BOMAG’s electronics must withstand; the products are subjected to steamy tropical jungles, sub-arctic windblasts and oppressive UV rays while minerals, such as lime, seep into every nook and cranny. BOMAG’s switching boxes must have sufficient ventilation while proving tough enough for extreme compaction. However, those aren’t BOMAG’s only obstacles.Whether in Dubai or Siberia, comfort and safety matter, and have driven BOMAG to equip steamrollers with luxuries such as electronic stability control and air-conditioned cabins. Despite this, BOMAG has remained true to its technical motto of “simple, but robust” as it sought to prevent contact problems from halting 14-ton compactors and creating costly on-site troubleshooting. With all of BOMAG’s requirements, a completely new electronic solution to an age-old problem was needed.

BOMAG built its rock-solid reputation on dependability and flexibility, and has chosen the WAGO X-COM-SYSTEM of terminal blocks and connectors to get it done. The first step that the BOMAG engineers were already looking into was the “switch box” that contained its central electronic distribution. The existing wiring system took up too much space and was not flexible. The solution was in the switch box: rail mounted terminal blocks with CAGE-CLAMP®-connection, that offer more distribution options:The terminal blocks are vibration safe. The required fatigue resistance of up to 5 g at 30 Hz, is easily met.The terminal blocks are flexible. Any accessories can be easily added in the field at any time — a little room on the rail is all that is needed. Even in compact machinery with limited area, the overview remains.

The terminal blocks are compact and save time on wiring. They are already compact because of their design. Using multiple conductor terminal blocks and jumpers allows more potential to be distributed. Some terminal blocks accept car fuses which saves a separate fuse box and wiring. Furthermore, the fuses placed in a locked distribution unit are tamper resistant.

BOMAG still needed stout connectors — try producing a 14-ton steamroller with out them! The versatility of WAGO’s X-COM-SYSTEM saved the day: WAGO created custom connectors tough enough to withstand compaction, yet are just 59mm high. With the X-COM-SYSTEM, WAGO created receptacles that function similarly to rail-mounted blocks and designed the receptacles to connect with modular female connectors. WAGO also engineered an angled version, which can be combined with a double-deck receptacle. The newly designed components were met with such interest that they have since become a WAGO catalog staple.

BOMAG benefited by:

  • Flexible development, which allows for multiple system re-configurations.
  • Availability of complete, system-compatible cable trees.
  • No need for specialty tools. CAGE-CLAMP® connections can be handled by a screwdriver.

This is an application story from WAGO.
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Bio, ISO, Bellissimo

The production of Mozzarella cheese is a technical challenge. The living cultures require precisely defined site conditions and the fresh, pressure-sensitive soft cheese requires a well-conceived conveyance system to avert spoilage.

In Europe’s first fully automated production plant, Premiummarke Francia Mozzarella, the WAGO I/O SYSTEM 750 offers flexibility to meet these unique production needs. Because of the humidity in our plant, frequent disturbances arise, for example water in a valve gear can cause a short-circuit. Such disturbances are easy to locate using WAGO’s diagnostic tools, even when dealing with very large nodes. With the I/O system we have had so far no problems. The plant has been running for nearly three years and we have yet to exchange even one clamp.

“There are 50 field bus nodes in the plant – from the delivery area to the packing department. These nodes monitor filling conditions, temperatures of drives, etc.. The speed of operation of these nodes offers sufficient reserves for planned production increases.

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Building Management Systems for Hospitals

The Central Clinical Hospital of the Federal Custom Service contacted First Mile for serious upgrades to their current monitoring system. The clinical hospital needed supervisory control for nearly all of the engineering systems in the facility. Those included the HVAC system for heating, cooling, and air regulation, as well as the security system to detect and alert operators to fire hazards. As with any medical facility, the Central Clinical Hospital brought with it strict requirements.

The installation of the new system for the hospital offered a smooth transition. They constructed an application with a minimal number of screens by using key technology and VBScripting native to InduSoft Web Studio. The finished product monitors each of the engineering functions, collect information on the ventilation system, the air chiller and HVAC, the temperature, and air supply. The issue of the hot water supply was also a major aspect of the design of the system. The water, distributed by the largest supplier in Moscow, Monsenergo, required quick changes in temperature and pressure.

The result of First Mile’s project was a system installed on desktop computers running the Windows 7 operating system. In addition, because InduSoft includes built in drivers for the WAGO I/O 750-841 controllers (the Modbus/TCP protocol) the software was able to communicate directly with the equipment.

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B-I/O-nade: everything bio with I/O

The new filling system from Bionade  GmbH consists of components from many manufacturers. The WAGO I/O SYSTEM ensures smooth cooperation among these components.

Due to the unrivaled success and cult status of their all-natural and organically manufactured beverages, Bionade  GmbH had a need to dramatically expand their capacities in a short time frame. In order to limit the costs, used components were implemented. After a purchasing spree throughout Europe, a filling system was built in Ostheim, Germany, with a capacity of 35,000 bottles per hour. The trick for this project was to provide the individual sections of the plant with one common control system. “Here, only a concept that could be adapted to all particularities in each phase of the project was helpful,” recalls Matthias Hansmann, head of the Bionade electrical workshop. Martin Husslein, from Husslein Controls & Automation Ltd. & Co. KG in Eltmann adds, “The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM was, and is, ideal for us. I am able to add whatever I need. When I need more I simply plug in more. We have never yet had to set a second node because one was full.”

It quickly became clear that none of the common bus protocols would fulfill all technical and economic requirements of the patchwork filling system. The decision was therefore taken to implement a Profibus/CanOpen combination configuration throughout the system. Communication between the machines was accomplished via Ethernet. An exception was the palletizing, for which there was a recently written S7 program for the neighboring line. For this Profibus application, both the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 and the IP67-protected components of the 755 Series are used. The I/O system was rounded out with Series 788 and 859 optocouplers and relays. A 16 mm² thick equipotential bonding conductor is installed parallel to the bus line to prevent and EMC-induced faults. If the bus line is applied, e.g., upcircuit of the field bus nodes, the equipotential bonding conductor is routed directly next to it via a WAGO ground conductor terminal block, which automatically maintains the connection to the DIN rail. The bus cable itself has a WAGO 790 Series screen clamping saddle. This allows the screen to be laid directly in front of the field bus node, to keep the section of the line that is prone to faults to a minimum. At the same time, the line is supported mechanically.

This is a success story from WAGO.
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Solar Tracker

Solar Tracker can increased energy production up to 30% over fixed panels.

Efficiency and optimization are key factors in solar energy systems today.  Solar design engineers are challenged with developing reliable and cost effective systems that deliver the maximum amount of energy.

Solar tracking systems can increases energy production up to 30% or fixed panels, making the technology very attractive to design engineers.

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Lightrail in Hanover

Lightrail uses WAGO

Just in time for the EXPO 2000, the last of a total of 144 city rail cars were put into operation. They are outstanding due to their interesting design which combines passenger comfort with technical requirements. The extensive wiring of the TW 2000, as the new vehicle is named, is realized with WAGO terminals. The disadvantages were avoided with  CAGE CLAMP® connection technology.

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Kallfass Packaging Machines – Never without WAGO

Kallfass employs shrink-wrap film packaging systems for manual, partially automated and fully automated shrink wrapping of products.

And what could better complement this than the WAGO rail-mounted terminal block program that is designed with the same degree of flexibility and versatility.

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Water and Wastewater Solution With WAGO

WAGO, the pioneer of CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection technology, offer an extensive range of automation solutions such as the fieldbus independent WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM, interconnect and interface technology.


Tough demands are placed on technical equipment in the water and wastewater sector: Toughness in aggressive atmospheres, high resistance to shock and vibration and easy installation and handling for reducing installation and maintenance time are just a few of the modern challenges at hand.


WAGO  components equipped with Cage Clamp
Convenient fault detection of decentralized pump stations and a cost-effective connection via radio technology, e.g., from the scraper bridge to the control technology, demand practical and low-maintenance solutions to benefit wastewater plant employees. Reliability, quality and ease of use combine to play a decisive role in processing automation efficiency.

Daily, WAGO components equipped with CAGE CLAMP® Spring Pressure Connection Technology prove their value under the harshest conditions. Over the years, WAGO has developed an enviable safety record, including approvals for use in potentially explosive environments, an impressive array of robust components that readily withstand aggressive environments and safe, truly maintenance-free connections.