Safety in waste water treatment facilities

In addition to specific process areas of a waste water treatment facility where a wide range of intrinsically safe solutions are required, the water filtration equipment and the entire waste water treatment plant itself must be monitored to protect against corrosive, dusty, dirty, and explosive atmospheres, in addition to lightning protection and purge suppression.

Pepperl Fuchs has a wide range of protection methods that will keep the waste water treatment plant safe and operating effectively.

  • Lightning and surge protection
  • Intrinsic safety
  • Purges suppression

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Monitoring of oil, petrol and gasoline separators

Monitoring of oil, petrol and gasoline separators.
A water industry solution from Pepperl Fuchs

Using oil separators and oil water separators to protect groundwater sources from oil, gasoline and petrol pollution is crucial. Water, especially groundwater sources used for drinking water and other human use, is a valuable resource that must be protected from pollution. Car repair shops, airport runways and industrial applications can produce oily water runoff that has the potential to cause groundwater contamination.

Close monitoring of oil separators and oil water separators is provided with an electronic alarm system, featuring an early-warning mechanism that is able to recognize critical operating conditions of the separator early enough to prevent any discharge of pollutants into the environment.

Pepperl Fuchs Products: Level Measurement and intrinsically safe mobile devices

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Incineration /odor control + methane recovery- Sludge Treatment

Methane is a by-product of recovered sewage sludge in waste water treatment. Methane is highly flammable, toxic if inhaled or consumed, and can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly. Methane is odorless, while other resulting gases associated with the treatment of raw sewage are highly explosive, such as hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide produces an overpowering odor. Pepperl Fuchs has a wide range of intrinsically safe solutions for explosive gases.

Pepperl Fuchs has several technology solutions for waste water facilities that range from point-to-point and multiplexed HART and Fieldbus solutions.

Today, thanks to the Field Barrier, you can directly connect up to 12 PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION fieldbus-H1 field devices or a Segment Protector in Division 2 hazardous areas. Each FieldBarrier has 4 IS connections and can be cascaded together with up to 4 FieldBarriers. The four outputs of the FieldBarrier deliver 40 mA and thus allow the connection of many more intrinsically safe field devices. The need for live work on the passive wiring of trunk and fieldbus distribution modules is extremely unlikely; these can be installed using the explosion proof method.

This application solution is by Pepperl+Fuchs

Tri-Phase Automation is a distributor of Pepperl+Fuchs in Wisconsin.

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Our solutions range from the Internet of Things (IoT), remote monitoring & data acquisition, HMIs, PLCs, motion control, safety, sensors, to programming including panel builds and design.

Water and Wastewater Solution With WAGO

WAGO, the pioneer of CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection technology, offer an extensive range of automation solutions such as the fieldbus independent WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM, interconnect and interface technology.


Tough demands are placed on technical equipment in the water and wastewater sector: Toughness in aggressive atmospheres, high resistance to shock and vibration and easy installation and handling for reducing installation and maintenance time are just a few of the modern challenges at hand.


WAGO  components equipped with Cage Clamp
Convenient fault detection of decentralized pump stations and a cost-effective connection via radio technology, e.g., from the scraper bridge to the control technology, demand practical and low-maintenance solutions to benefit wastewater plant employees. Reliability, quality and ease of use combine to play a decisive role in processing automation efficiency.

Daily, WAGO components equipped with CAGE CLAMP® Spring Pressure Connection Technology prove their value under the harshest conditions. Over the years, WAGO has developed an enviable safety record, including approvals for use in potentially explosive environments, an impressive array of robust components that readily withstand aggressive environments and safe, truly maintenance-free connections.