InduSoft Used on Networked Operator Interfaces for Extrusion Control

More Bang for the Buck

McGoff-Bethune, Inc. chose InduSoft HMI software for a new series of extrusion control systems because it enabled the company to build powerful, inexpensive operator stations which can be integrated across a plant-wide network.

InduSoft delivered decisive technological and commercial advantages. Because InduSoft operator interfaces can run on the Windows CE operating system, the McGoff-Bethune workstations are diskless and do not rely on rotating memory. It is a powerful collection of e-automation development tools for Web based integration. Each workstation is able to acquire data directly from the extruder, download recipes from the plant server, and generate production and quality reports for plant management to review over the network.

These operator interfaces help contain costs, improve reliability and have rapid recovery after a restart. When evaluating software for this project, McGoff-Bethune decided that the InduSoft Web Studio delivered a lot of bang for the buck.

This is a success story from InduSoft.
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SoftPLC Produces a BioMass of Power

SoftPLC handles biomass electric power plant

In Northern California, SoftPLC controllers, Tealware I/O and Web Studio are used by Blue Lake Power in their biomass electric power plant. The plant was originally a coal-fired plant that has been converted to burn woody waste. It uses wood chips as its mains fuel source for a conventional boiler which powers a steam-turbine generator.

Four SoftPLC’s are used for material handling, for both the input fuel and the ash by-product conveyors, and for all of the process control. Hardbook CPU’s with remote Tealware I/O connected via Ethernet are used for all the systems. Web Studio is used for the plant SCADA system which includes a redundant server, several desktop client stations and two large LCD displays in the control room. Web Studio is also used as the HMI running on portable tablet PC’s by the maintenance crew.

The Blue Lake plant adds over 93,000 MWh of renewable power to California’s grid and provides significant economic and environmental benefits for the city of Blue Lake and the state of California. The plant’s fuel procurement plan improves forest health, reduces hazardous fuels, and provides stability to the woods industry and local communities.

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Precise Pumping Systems Help Feedlot Feed Millions

Precision Pumping Systems helped Simplot develop a water and wastewater regulation system for one of the largest feedlots in the United States.

The United States is a major exporter of food, particularly beef. Feedlots, like the Simplot Land and Livestock feedlot in Grandview, Idaho. With so many animals to feed, shelter, and provide water for, it’s no surprise that feedlots have some rigorous requirements that must be met, particularly in regulating the water and wastewater of the facility.

Precision Pumping Systems was able to meet all these requirements using an application developed in InduSoft Web Studio v7.0.The application developed for the feedlot monitors and controls a wide variety of equipment.

PPS also configured the InduSoft Web Studio application with a wireless LAN connection that offers Simplot control and monitoring of everything from the main pond pump system to the remote wells and turbine pumps. The application developed by PPS monitors levels, pressures, flows, and pump status. It also allows users to adjust the process set points in the PLCs in all locations.  Fault conditions from the sites are recorded in the log and sent through text message or email to the system operators.

This is an application story from InduSoft.
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Controltemp SL Enable Culinary Delight

Securing the food supply with InduSoft Technology.

Controltemp SL sells a product called DataLogger that monitors and records temperatures in food storage and processing facilities. The mechanics of monitoring temperature are not complicated; computerized temperature sensors have been available for sometime. The challenge is how to take that data and present it in a HACCP compliant way.

Controltemp SL chose InduSoft Web Studio for several reasons. It was  easy to use, reliable and it saved time.

In addition to being able to deftly meet the HACCP requirements for their customers, Controltemp SL also gained a significant competitive advantage. Controltemp SL DataLogger is a multi-channel logging system, which means the system and its operators can monitor up to 32 checkpoints simultaneously.

This is an InduSoft customer success story.
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Building Management Systems for Hospitals

The Central Clinical Hospital of the Federal Custom Service contacted First Mile for serious upgrades to their current monitoring system. The clinical hospital needed supervisory control for nearly all of the engineering systems in the facility. Those included the HVAC system for heating, cooling, and air regulation, as well as the security system to detect and alert operators to fire hazards. As with any medical facility, the Central Clinical Hospital brought with it strict requirements.

The installation of the new system for the hospital offered a smooth transition. They constructed an application with a minimal number of screens by using key technology and VBScripting native to InduSoft Web Studio. The finished product monitors each of the engineering functions, collect information on the ventilation system, the air chiller and HVAC, the temperature, and air supply. The issue of the hot water supply was also a major aspect of the design of the system. The water, distributed by the largest supplier in Moscow, Monsenergo, required quick changes in temperature and pressure.

The result of First Mile’s project was a system installed on desktop computers running the Windows 7 operating system. In addition, because InduSoft includes built in drivers for the WAGO I/O 750-841 controllers (the Modbus/TCP protocol) the software was able to communicate directly with the equipment.

This is an InduSoft customer success story.
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Builder of Agricultural Refrigeration Plants Uses InduSoft for Cooler Controls

Ross & Christopher is a design/build construction firms with broad experience in the design and construction of refrigerated food processing, packaging, and storage facilities.  Automated control systems are needed by the operators at refrigeration plants that store the country’s  major supplies of beef, tree fruit, grapes, dairy products and other perishable foods. Operator displays need to be  intuitive and easy to understand without sacrificing functionality.

InduSoft Web Studio was standardized for the refrigerations controls because it requires less engineering time and reduces overall project costs.  Prior to using InduSoft they used a control system architecture involving an OPC server and a SCADA package from a major PLC supplier. This meant each I/O tag had to be configured to work through OPC in addition to having its operating parameters configured.

InduSoft delivers graphics and functionality of software costing hundreds of dollar more per license.

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Automation Zone Builds InduSoft Web Studio Based OEE Solution

The biggest challenge for Automation Zone in selecting an OEE development platform was finding a solution that could handle not only the SCADA and HMI needs of clients, but that also included OEE capabilities. Because most automation software is based around module pricing, finding one solution to do everything seemed like a tall order.

In the end, only one software solution could communicate with a range of hardware, was highly customizable, affordable, and fully featured. InduSoft Web Studio was chosen to serve as the development platform for Automation Zone’s OEE Plant Tracker software.

The benefit of using the Plant Tracker is evident to customers, who can quickly isolate problems on the production line, make improvements that will decrease downtime and wasted materials, track costs, and increase output. This is a valuable tool that Automation Zone is able to provide due to the strengths of the InduSoft Web Studio platform.

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Automation Technique Finds the Recipe for Success in the Concrete Production Industry.

Traceability, recipes, batch processing, and database storage are key in producing quality concrete in the Balkans

In any multi-step process, there is always a challenge involved when it comes to tracking every aspect of the process. This is especially true in concrete mixing applications, where operators will be responsible for the integrity of the final output. That is why Automation Technique, located in Greece, chose to work with InduSoft Web Studio for supervision of their concrete mixing equipment.

InduSoft Web Studio was chosen for the task of creating a system that could accommodate equipment already in place, maintain secure records, and operate with a multi-language interface. Automation Technique selected InduSoft among dozens of options available in Europe.

InduSoft Web Studio makes the process of concrete mixing much more efficient. With detailed report generation, and SQL database connectivity, Automation Technique is able to create and store accurate data without spending human hours extracting information manually from the PLC. They were also able to incorporate a system that made use of the existing panel and buttons.

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Validator Ensures Quality Control for Plastic Injection Machines

This application has provided a dramatic improvement in the production of quality product for major Japanese automotive buyers

The TGKY plant in Kentucky is a producer of molded plastic parts for prominent Japanese automotive companies. Producing a high quality product is critical to maintaining business contracts, and the ability to better monitor the process promised to be vital in improving the overall efficiency of the plant and the quality of the parts produced there.

They contacted Kemper Controls, a local InduSoft Web Studio distributor, to develop the HMI application for their Validator solution. Because InduSoft Web Studio offers one of the best HMI solutions for Windows CE and embedded Windows PLC solutions The dependability of InduSoft Web Studio was also a factor, as was the ease of using its graphical interface.

The results of this monitoring capability have been impressive for TGKY. The Validator system based on InduSoft Web Studio saves the operators of the injection molding machines many hours that otherwise would have been spent replicating good parts, as well as the material waste of making defective parts.

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Mega Yachts From NightWatch Industries Interface By InduSoft

Computing systems are not new to large watercraft. Computers have been used to monitor nautical systems for decades. What is constantly changing are the types of computing systems and the applications they run.

As technology advances in both the systems that run ships and the computers that monitor them, shipbuilders are quick to employ that technology for a competitive or military advantage. It was the competitive advantage NightWatch Industries was seeking when they turned to Southern Controls and to InduSoft two years ago. Alan Davis of Southern Controls explains: “NightWatch had been using Visual Basic to develop display programs for large pilothouse monitors, but they eventually discovered that they really needed a better HMI system to meet the needs of the large, multi-screen, glass bridges which are now standard in the mega yacht world. Norman Dahl of NightWatch agrees. “The smaller PLC driven flat panel displays are fine at the various utility monitoring stations, but the yacht captain needs a better view of how things are running. The pilothouse typically contains an impressive number of controls for which the captain is responsible, and a large screen is really necessary for monitoring the host of systems that run the ship. The passengers and crew depend on it.” This need drove the decision to seek out HMI/SCADA configuration software designed for PCs. They really needed a solution that they could use to easily create templates to keep their own costs down. They also hoped they could find some kind of networked system that would enable both the crew and guests to view the ship’s system, monitoring it from PCs elsewhere on board. They looked at several systems,but were immediately drawn to InduSoft, in part because it came so highly recommended by Davis: “As an InduSoft distributor I’ve helped a lot of customers successfully achieve technical and business objectives very much like the things NightWatch was trying to achieve. Most companies are looking to implement superior solutions and hoping to do that while either maintaining or even lowering their costs. InduSoft fits the bill.”

The Solution
NightWatch was inspired by the partnership because they believed that there would be minimal compatibility challenges -and they were right. As systems began to come online, monitoring modules were put in place and tested, and when there were challenges, InduSoft responded with solid technical support. This factor was important because NightWatch made the unusual choice not to sign up for training when they purchased InduSoft. Dahl offered “We would normally have invested in training with a new application like InduSoft Web Studio. However, we had two factors going for us that caused us to proceed without it.

First, we were very familiar with Visual Basic, and we also knew that we had time to learn the product right here because of the lead time to build the yacht. The gamble paid off and I was pleasantly surprised that the product really wasn’t that hard to learn.” When there were challenges, though, InduSoft responded with unexcelled customer support. When all was said and done, the system worked beautifully. The system monitors hundreds of different points, and thanks to the InduSoft advantage, the screens are more attractive and more articulate. The Captain can monitor dozens of systems almost effortlessly-a critical requirement. Battery and electrical, fire alarms, propulsion, engines, and navigation lights, are just a few of the systems InduSoft Web Studio is now monitoring. And all of these systems can be monitored from anywhere on the yacht.

This is a InduSoft customer success story.
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