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Anybus - The Bolt

Wireless Bolt™ Anybus Wireless Bolt enables you to connect industrial machinery to a wireless network. It is attached onto a cabinet or a machine to enable wireless access. Wireless transmission is made via Bluetooth or WLAN technology. The Wireless Bolt can connect devices using serial, ...

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Cognex - Insight 2000 Series Vision Sensor

Powerfully simple and affordable vision sensors

In-Sight® 2000 series vision sensors combine the power of an In-Sight vision system with the simplicity and affordability of a vision sensor. Ideal for solving error-proofing applications, these vision sensors set new ...

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SICK - deTec4 Prime Safety Light Curtain

deTec4 Prime Safety Light Curtain The deTec4 Prime safety light curtain provides established reliability, simplified ordering, and intuitive connection as a leading light curtain in both factory and logistics applications. The built-in laser alignment aid provides a visible laser while setting up ...

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Nachi - Collaborative Robots

Nachi's collaborative robot is capable of operating in four unique modes during a process; these modes can be run in concert or independently depending on application requirements using a variety of robot models. Whether you are interested in Safety-Rated Monitored Stop, "Direct Teach" ...

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Cognex - Dataman 150/260 Series

For 1-D linear barcodes, higher-density 2-D matrix codes, or direct part mark (DPM) codes, the DataMan 150/260 series fixed-mount, image-based ID readers deliver unprecedented performance, flexibility and ease of use.

  • High Read Rates
  • Modular lighting, optics, and ...

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eWon - Cosy 131

The eWon Cosy is an industrial remote access router that is designed to offer easy remote access, across the Internet, to machines and installations at customers or in the field.

With eWon Cosy, OEMs and System Integrators can troubleshoot machines, debug the PLC program, upload projects, ...

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SICK - H18 SureSense Photoelectric Sensors

Solving a wide range of sensing applications has never been easier thanks to the SureSense family of photoelectric sensors. From simple to challenging tasks, this ultra-reliable sensor family can detect nearly any object in any environment, ensuring your machines and lines stay up and running at ...

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Kollmorgen - Kollmorgen Automation Suite

The enhanced Automation and Motion Control Solutions Platform from Kollmorgen, has been designed to deliver the following benefits:

  •     Significant Reduction in Systems Development Time
  •     Radical Increase in Machine Throughput
  • ...

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Cognex - DS1000 Series 3D Displacement Sensor/Laser Profiling System

Calibrated 3D Vision from Cognex

Cognex 3D displacement sensors optimize product quality by providing three-dimensional inspection of your products. The sensors are factory calibrated and include industry-leading Cognex machine vision software with powerful 2D and 3D toolsets and a ...

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Danfoss - VLT Flex Concept & One Gear Drive

Powerful, efficient and hygienic - all in only one frame size

VLT® OneGearDrive® is a three phase, permanent-magnet motor coupled to a high efficiency helical bevel gear box.
As part of the Danfoss VLT® FlexConcept® the One Gear Drive is an energy-efficient ...

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Lintech - Round Rail - Precision Shafting and Components

 Need Round Rail Products?

Get better delivery, quality or customization at lower price.
You could save over 25 percent

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eWon - Flexy

Flexy201 - The Verstatile Ethernet Gateway for Your Industrial Monitoring Projects

The eWon Flexy is a modular data gateway designed for OEMs and system integators looking for a full remote monitoring solutions. The modularity and swapping of connectivity card (LAN, Wifi, Cellular...) is ...

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Cognex - Dataman 50/60 Series Compact Barcode Readers

Small in size but exceptional in barcode reading performance, the DataMan® 50/60 series of compact barcode readers bring the premium Cognex barcode reading technology to single-line laser scanner arena.The DataMan 50/60 series includes all of the features that make Cognex the premier barcode ...

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Panasonic - Laser Markers

Laser markers are ideal for the high speed, non-contact, permanent labeling of metals, plastics, resins, glass and natural materials such as paper, wood or leather. Laser markers make no contact with the target object and have no moving parts or consumables - a strong advantage over methods like ...

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SICK - TranspaTect MultiTask Photoelectric Sensor

 Watch the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlnJNgeagcs

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Thermal Edge - New Small BTUH Air Conditioner

The Thermal Edge Model CS011 uses unique 3 coil design providing high capacity cooling while utilizing air intake from either side.  Dual air intake allows for a wall mounted enclosure on the right and left side.

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SICK - Glare Sensors

 Reliable detection of glossy objects

Watch the video:
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Cognex - Dataman 300 Code Reader. A quantum leap in barcode reading performance

The DataMan® 300 series of readers was developed to handle the most difficult-to-read DPM (Direct Part Mark) codes as well as challenging 1-D linear barcodes and 2-D Data Matrix codes and for indexed or high-speed lines.

- Unmatched read rate performance•Flexible lighting and ...

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SICK - FlexiSoft Safety Controller

Flexi Soft Programmable and Expandable Safety Controller for Machine Safeguarding

Flexi Soft - Features 

  • Configuration using free intuitive software: Flexi Soft Designer
  • Function block based logic editor with comprehensive library of ...

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Applied Motion - Ethernet and IP Products

Applied Motion stepper drives with EtherNet/IP – designated by “IP” in the model number – run all of the same control modes as “Q” drives, with the addition that all drive features can be accessed over EtherNet/IP. This means that “IP” drives can ...

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The SPG BLDC XWA and XBA series provide functions such as slow and convenient speed control, external speed control and durability for customer applications. Also these motors are about 50% srted than AC Motors in length and rated at IP65. The XTG gear head was designed for the XWA and XBA BLDC ...

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Meanwell - SDR WDR TDR Power Supplies

Features & Benefits

  1. Efficiency – 93-95% Typical
  2. Size – All models are 50-75% less width than previous versions.
  3. Input Voltages – 84-264Vac (SDR), 180-550Vac (WDR), 330-550Vac (TDR), and DC
  4. Output ...

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ESA - INOX Units

ESA offers the best stainless steel solution at a very competitive price

  • Designed in 304 STAINLESS STEEL to provide a fast and easy way to clean terminal, as well as highly resistant against ...

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ESA - SC series

ESA expands its entry level SC series to include a new 3.5" and 10.1" display equipped with LED LCD Wide display, TRUE-FLAT Touch Screen, chassis in ABS plastic and Ethernet port on board in all models. Starting at $250

Stober - EZF Series

The central feature of this servo motor is the generously designed flange mount hollow bore, making it possible to feed supplies (power cables, pipes, hoses, shafts, laser lights, etc.) through the motor. Othocyclic linear winding technology makes it possible to manufacture the stator windings ...

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Jokab/ABB - Stainless Steel Safety Switches

It is common knowledge that the harshest environments for instrumentation and machinery are found in food, pharmaceutical and chemical related processes. Water, aggressive cleaning agents and chemicals under high pressure and temperatures form a vicious combination that penetrates almost any ...

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Mersen - New USG Series UltraSafe Fuseholders


New Fuseholders Feature CAGE CLAMP® Technology

NEWBURYPORT, MA (December 2012)— Mersen (formerly Ferraz Shawmut) is pleased to announce the addition of USGCC (class CC) and USGM (midget ...

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Beijer Electronics - TA series panels

Beijer Electronics extends its HMI product range with the new series iX Panel TxA. The innovative touch panels will be applied, when sophisticated operator functionality combined in a compact format and a fresh design is essential. The robust and lightweight aluminum housing ensures a long ...

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Axis - Topper

The most versatile topper in the industry! 

The Axis topper dispenses a wide variety of toppings.  Its stainless steel construction meets or exceeds FDA, AIB, and BEMA standards for sanitation and washdown .  And, a precise control of application rate for an even distribution ...

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Axis - Denester

The Quickest Changeover Time In The Industry!


The Axis Denester is a one-of-a kind, patent pending design that consistently feeds trays to your conveying line.  The machine is extremely flexible and can fit into any environment.  The Axis Denester is able to ...

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