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What Makes i-Tech Different?

For Purchasing:

What drives you to consider other options? Are these important to you?
Price:  i-Tech takes advantage of Tri-Phase Automation’s over $2m of inventory and extensive buying power to get the best prices on the highest quality components. With the combination our low cost components and our business model, we are able on a regular basis to save our OEM customers 10 – 50%+ on their control panels!

Lead-time: We can meet any lead-time expectations, with a little planning.  Our logistics methods of creating structured flow and buffers on parts, sub-assemblies and final assemblies assures that we can deliver your products when you want it.

EDI/Arbia supported: Allows you to use your own purchasing system. Making the whole ordering process seamless.

Risk:  Tri-Phase Automation and i-Tech have been in existence for over 20 years!  You have the comfort level we are not going anywhere and can support you long term





  • Degreed electrical, mechanical, and computer engineers are on staff to help you develop the most innovate and cost effective solutions. Years of experience in all areas of control panel development.
  • Our team will continuously introduce you to the latest technologies that apply to your industry in an effort to keep your company ahead of the technology field and help reduce costs.
  • We provide training on our solutions from in-depth programming to simple application of a sensor.
  • AutoCAD Electrical with 3D design capabilities are used to develop effective assembly drawings for optimal efficiency. We will develop customer solutions and consult on continuous enhancements for future improvement. If you choose to do the design we can assist in supplying you with 3D part CAD files, from our extensive database.
  • Complete programming services from development, implementation, testing, set-up and onsite support.
  • UL508a Industrial control panel and CE expertise.
  • 100% Quality Test and Inspection. All assemblies get extensively tested to ensure that when you receive the panel it works. We also document every control panel with bar-codes, photos, and test-conformance sheets. Our test area is comprised of 7 different voltages to meet all of your needs.