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Hiwin Technologies is currently the third largest ballscrew manufacturer in the world. Along with making ballscrews, Hiwin produces high quality, cost effective linear guideways, linear bearings, and locknuts. Hiwin is one of the few manufacturers that use a gothic profile for there ballways. This provides more stiffness, less deflection and higher moment ratings.

Linear Guideways

Hiwin linear guideways

Hiwin Corporation offers multiple linear guideway series and each series features different options for sizes, loading capabilities, accuracies, and more.

  • Heavy load ball type
  • Low profile ball type
  • Four-row wide rail
  • Miniature linear guideway
  • Linear guideway with synchMotion technology
  • High rigidity roller type

Linear Guideways Information


Hiwin ballscrews

Ballscrews consist of a screw spindle and a nut integrated with rolling elements that cycle through a return mechanism. Hiwin Corporation provides a wide range of ballscrew configurations to satisfy your special application requirements.

  • Precision ground ballscrew
  • Rolled ballscrew
  • Super S series
  • Super T series
  • Miniature ground ballscrews
  • Heavy load series
  • Roller screw
  • R1 series rotating nut

Ballscrews Information

Linear Actuators

Hiwin linear actuators

Hiwin Corporation can supply a complete actuator solution that includes actuators, controllers and keypads for a single or multiple axis system. Hiwin offers a wide range of linear actuator designs to fit your specific application.

  • LAM series
  • LAI series
  • LAS series
  • LAN series
  • LAC series

Linear Actuators Information

Linear Motors

Hiwin linear motors

HIWIN Corporation linear motors are direct drive, plug and play solutions. Aside from single axis linear motors, these stages can be combined together to form cross tables or even gantry systems.

  • Stages
  • Multi-axis motors
  • Planar motors
  • Linear motors

Linear Motors Information

Single Axis Robots

Hiwin single axis robots

HIWIN Corporation's single axis robots utilize a combination of a motor driven ballscrew or belt and linear guideway system. These compact and lightweight units are customizable and can be easily transformed into a multi-axis system, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

  • KK Series
  • SK Series
  • KA Series
  • KS Series
  • KU Series
  • KE Series
  • KM Series

Single Axis Robots Information

Positioning Measurement Systems

Hiwin positinoing measurement systems

HIWIN Corporation's positioning measurement system integrates a linear guideway with a magnetic encoder. This solution offers the high stiffness and rigidity of a guideway combined with the high precision of a magnetic encoder.

  • 1mm read heads
  • 5mm read heads
  • Signal translators
  • Display units

Positioning Measurement Systems Information

Torque Motor Rotary Tables

Hiwin torque motors rotary tables

HIWIN Corporation torque motor and rotary tables ensure excellent acceleration capabilities and high precision uniform movements. Hiwin torque motor and rotary tables are backlash free, extremely rigid, optimized for high torques, have robust dynamics and are especially well suited for tasks in a wide range of automation processes.

  • TMX Series
  • TMY Series
  • TMS Series
  • TMN Series
  • TMRW Series

Torque Motor Rotary Tables Information

Tri-Phase Automation is a Hiwin distributor in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.