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LSIS is committed to innovation – investing significantly in R&D to deliver cost competitive, industry leading variable frequency drives and electrical power components.

Variable Frequency Drives

LSIS Variable Frequency Drives

LSIS variable frequency drives set the world standard for drives (VFDs) because of their features that meet all of your needs in AC drives.

  • C100 Micro VFD
  • iG5A sensorless vector control VFD
  • iP5A for fan and pump applications
  • iS7 superior V/F control
  • H100 for fan, pump and HVAC applications
  • S100 starting torque of 200%/0.5Hz
  • MV Drives energy saving drives

Variable Frequency Drives Information

Contactors & Relays

LSIS contactors and relays

LSIS contactors and relays offer compact size & easy connection with high performance and long electrical life.

  • Mini Contactors & TORs
  • Contactors & TORs
  • Energy saving contactors
  • EMPR-GMP Series multi-protection wide

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Motor Starters

LSIS motor starters

Manual Motor Starters Efficiency through various functions and compact design. Complete ranges up to 100A and 100kA Wide variety of accessories.

  • 45mm for 32A, 55mm for 63A and 70mm for 100A
  • Three position operator: ON-OFF-TRIP
  • Complete range of common accessories
  • Handle lock in the OFF position
  • Class 10, 20 overload trip characteristics

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LSIS Circuit Breakers

LSIS circuit breakers

Suitable for protection against overload & short circuit, ground fault & over circuit, ground fault and surge protect devices.

  • BK Series – 1 to 4 poles up to 10kA
  • BF Series – 6-50A, Max 2.5kA at 415VAC(IEC60947-2)
  • BS Series – 6-30A, 1.5kA at 110/220VAC
  • FB Series – 460VAC 2, 3 pole

LSIS Circuit Breakers Information

Tri-Phase Automation is a LSIS distributor in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.