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NOARK Electric is a global supplier of low-voltage electrical components including: circuit breakers, contactors, relays and intelligent control.

Molded Case Circuit Breakers and Switches

Noark circuit breakers

NOARK Electric offers a complete range of 2 and 3 pole Molded Case Circuit Breakers in four frame sizes.

  • High-breaking capacity
  • Patented arc extinguishing design
  • Reduced manual operating force
  • Compact modular energy saving design

Molded Case Circuit Breakers and Switches Information

DIN Rail Miniature Circuit Breakers

Noark DIN Rail circuit breakers

These branch circuit breakers are available in two terminal configurations: standard box terminals that accept multiple conductors and ring-tongue terminals.

  • UL 489 & 489A miniature circuit breakers
  • Miniature circuit breaker accessories
  • UL 1077 supplementary protectors
  • Plug-in miniature circuit breakers

DIN Rail Miniature Circuit Breakers Information

22mm Pilot Devices

Noark 22mm pilot devices

Noark 22mm Pilot Devices offer robust design and construction for durability and visual appeal. Modular construction enables quick assembly and simplifies stocking of components as well as assembled components.

  • Indicator lights
  • Pushbuttons – Illuminated and non- illuminated
  • Replacement heads
  • Pushbutton enclosures

22mm Pilot Devices Information

Control Devices

Noark contactors and starters

Noark contactors have a robust design and construction intended for various applications including heavy industrial applications.

  • Ex9C General contactors – reversing & non-reversing
  • Ex9R Thermal overload relays
  • Ex9CD General contactors – reversing & non-reversing
  • Ex9RD Thermal overload relays
  • Ex9CK Definite purpose contactors
  • Ex9SN Manual motor starters

Control Devices Information

Tri-Phase Automation is a NOARK distributor in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.