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SPG, specializing in manufacturing motors for automation equipment, also produces the world's best quality motors for a myriad of electric home appliances, OA equipment, and industrial goods.

AC Standard and Geared Motors

SPG AC Inductive motors

SPG offers broad ranges of Standard AC Motors and Geared Motors to meet all requirements of specific application in several different sizes and torque ranges.

  • Induction Motors (3W – 180W)
  • Reversible Motors
  • Electro Magnetic Brake Motors
  • Terminal Box Motors
  • Speed Control Motors
  • Right Angle Gearhead

AC Standard and Geared Motors Information

Brushless Motors

SPG Brushless motors

SPG Brushless DC Motor generates far less noise due to the elimination of brushes and commutator and sparking between them. These Brushless DC Motor are typically smaller and lighter than the Brush DC Motor, making it ideal for applications where weight and space are important factors.

  • XW Series - 10w, 25w, 40w and 90w, maximum 260 in-lbs torque (with gearhead)
  • XB Series – 20w, 40w, 75w, 120w, 150w, 200w, 400w, maximum 610 in-lbs torque (with gearhead)
  • XF Series – 30w, 50w, 100w, 24VDC, maximum 260 in-lbs torque (with gearhead)

Brushless Motors Information

DC Motors

SPG Permanent Magnet motors

Permanent Magnet DC Motors are the best solution to motion control and power transmission applications where compact size, wide operating speed range, ability to adapt to arrange of power.

  • High torque at low speeds
  • Parallel shaft geared motors
  • Right angle geared motors
  • Compact DC Motors

DC Motors Information

Planetary Gearheads

SPG planetary gearheads

SPG high precision planetary gearheads for servo motors.

  • SPI Series – compact size from 42mm – 220mm
  • SPIF Series – ratios from 3 to 100: 1
  • SPL Series – right angle, compact size
  • SPLF Series – easy to assemble to servo motors

Planetary Gearheads Information

Tri-Phase Automation is a SPG Motor distributor in Wisconsin.