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SP5000 HMISP5000 Enhanced HMI Flexible Functionality

Pro-face’s SP5000 Enhanced HMI Series offers 7” – 19” display options with a power box rear module. This new enhanced HMI is flexible, powerful, and provides extensive data sharing options.

  • Reinforced glass display surface offers high quality and strength
  • Highly advanced appearance
  • Two types, 15" wide and 1" wide (Portrait orientation possible)
  • P-CAP touch panel
  • Easy data handling, front USB interface

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See the Advantech CODESYS Hardware Solution

CODESYS solutions

Diverse Controllers

  • Compact I/O Entry Level Controller: ADAM-5000 Series
  • Modular Controller: APAX-5000 Series
  • Fanless Embedded PC Controller: UNO Series
  • Control Panel: TPC Series

Control System I/O Modules

  • ADAM Remote I/O Modules: without coupler and easy to implement, ideal for basic I/O extension
  • APAX High-density I/O modules: with flexible topology and couplers for numerous I/O
  • iDoor mPCIe Expansion Kit: onboard controller, support various real-time fieldbus protocols

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Panasonic FP7 Modular PLC

Panasonic FP7 PLC

The FP7 compact design incorporates all the functionality and performance of a modular PLC in a compact 90mm tall format. A single PLC with two roles, the FP7 allows you to control your machinery and your information. The FP7's large memory capacity and high-speed processing enhances its functionality and performance.

Along with operation speed and memory capacity for machine control, the FP7 delivers ease of use for design, production and maintenance.

Ethernet/IP Compatibility
Ethernet/IP compatibility from built-in Ethernet ports adds easy connection with all kinds of robots and PLCs, enabling controls and communication.

Web Server Functionality
HTTP(S) client function enables the transfer of data from the FP7 to a web server for easy viewing with a browser. Send and receive data from multiple FP7 units on a schedule determined by the FP7.

Control Web Creator
Data collected by the FP7 can be displayed in a web browser. Check information at your fingertips via smartphone or PC, it’s easy to check the current state of the work site.

No HMI is required. Screens (content) can be set up with Control Web Creator and uploaded to the FP7. Then, the operation can be monitored and control instructions sent with a browser.

Large Memory Capacity and High Speed Processing

  • Memory capacity: 452k steps
  • Processing speed: 11 ns/step
  • I/O: 8,192 points

EthernetIP Compatibility Ethernet IP

Web Server Functionality

web server

MELSEC iQ-R Automation Controller

Mitsubishi iQ-R Controller

The Mitsubishi iQ-R series CPU offers dramatic improvements in performance, setting new benchmark standards for processing speed. This not only enables users to realize enhanced system designs, but also provides the basis for significant reduction in hardware costs.

At the same time, the iQ-R series offers reductions in development cost, maintenance cost and risk of system failure, while providing an innovative upgrade path that will enable users to take advantage of ongoing developments through software upgrades rather than hardware upgrades.

With a scan time of 0.14 ms, the ability to process up to 419 instructions per millisecond, and a LD instruction speed of 0.98 ns, the iQ-R series sets new benchmark performance standards, helping to deliver increased productivity.

iQ-R Automation Controller Information

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In-Sight VC200 Multi Smart Camera Vision System

In-Sight VC200

The In-Sight® VC200 multi smart camera vision system brings the proven reliability of standalone In-Sight vision systems to multi camera vision applications. You can easily attach up to four In-Sight smart cameras to a controller for multi-view inspections in your manufacturing environment. For the first time, you can leverage the power of distributed computing with multiple smart cameras for high-performance applications

In-Sight VC200 Information

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Cognex SurfaceFX Feature Extract Technology

Cognex SurfaceFX Video

SurfaceFX (Surface Feature Extract) is a product that utilizes an algorithm which highlights surface features regardless of whether they are engraved, etched, embossed, dented, punctured, stamped, or raised. Once contrast is created in the image, Cognex's industry leading vision tools (OCRMax, PatMax RedLine, Blobs, InspectEdge, etc.) can easily inspect the part.

SurfaceFX utilizes a 4-segment quadrant controlled light and a Cognex IS8000 or IS5705 Series camera. It uses reflections and shadows from the different angled lights to determine the surface structure. The Cognex algorithm combines images from different light sources to create the resulting image.

SurfaceFX Applications

  • Detect Small Defect including; chips, dents, wrinkle, puncture, tears
  • Creates Contrast between the surface and engraved, emobssed, stamped, etched, or raised features

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Cognex In-Sight 2000 Vision Sensors

Cognex In-Sight 2000 vision sensor

In-Sight 2000 series vision sensors includes an integrated, high-performance image formation system consisting of field interchangeable lenses and a patent-pending LED ring light that produces even, diffuse illumination across the entire image and eliminates the need for costly external lighting. Lenses and a variety of colored lights can be easily swapped out as needed to meet application requirements.

Together with the In-Sight Explorer EasyBuilder® interface, which provides a fast, step-by-step application setup, the In-Sight 2000 series allows even novice users to achieve extremely reliable inspection performance in nearly any production environment. In-Sight 2000 series vision sensors can also be configured for in-line and right-angle mounting installation.

  • Affordable vision sensor powered by In-Sight Explorer software and EasyBuilder
  • Simple for both new and existing users to address automated inspection requirements
  • Proven, reliable Cognex In-Sight vision tools
  • Single In-Sight set-up software for basic and advanced vision solutions
  • Field changeable integrated optics and light

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SICK microScan3 Safety Laser Scanner

Sick microScan3 safety laser scanner

The microScan3 safety laser scanner from SICK reliably protects hazardous areas, accesses, and hazardous points. The innovative safeHDDM scan technology sets new benchmarks. The microScan3 combines a small compact design and a large scanning range in one device with high performance in even the toughest environments.

Standardized cable connections for rapid integration. New Safety Designer software offers improved programming features and fast set up time. The microScan3 features a brilliant LED screen for easy identification of status.

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Anybus Bolt Wireless Connector

Anybus Bolt Wireless Connector

Anybus Bolt wireless connector gives a machine or cabinet wireless access via Bluetooth® or Wireless LAN (WLAN). Anybus Wireless Bolt enables you to connect industrial devices to a wireless network. It is attached onto a cabinet or a machine to enable wireless access. Wireless transmission is made via Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy or WLAN technology.

The Wireless Bolt is IP65-rated and has a max range of 100 meters. It can communicate with devices using Ethernet, Serial (RS232/485) or CAN. Regardless of communication method, you have the same connector (2x9p;3,5 Plug Connector) for both power and communication.

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Pro-face GP4100T Color Compact HMI

Pro-face GP4100T HMI

New Pro-face GP4100T Color Compact HMI comes with Ethernet or Serial Port options. This compact operator interface series offers a crisp, clear and bright, LCD Display, available in monochrome or color with Analog Touch Panel for improved visibility and precise part placement. The monochrome option comes equipped with energy efficient, maintenance free Green/Orange/Red or White/Pink/Red LED backlights.

  • Graphic Display Resolution: 480 x 272 pixels
  • Display Type and Size: 4.3" Color LCD
  • Touch Screen: Resistive Film (analog) 1024 x 1024 resolution
  • Backlight: LED (service life: Green/White 50,000 hrs; Red 10,000 hrs)
  • Brightness Adjustment: 16 levels of adjustment via touch screen
  • Environmental Ratings: NEMA #250 Type 4x (INDOOR), IP65f (IEC60529), EC 61010
  • Certifications: CE, UL61010-2-201, CSA

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SICK deTec 4 Core Safety Light Curtain

Sick deTec4 Core safety light curtains

The deTec4 Core is an electro-sensitive protective device that complies with performance level “e” in accordance with EN ISO 13849 as well as SIL3 in accordance with IEC 61508.

The new design is not only extremely robust but also space saving. Whether resolutions of 14 mm or 30 mm – blind zones belong to the past, thanks also to the new type of cable outlet. Starting out with 300 mm, one can select protective field heights in 150-mm increments.

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