Application Solutions

ID Readers save assembly time and improve tracking of surgical instruments

Assembling accurate sets of instruments for the many different types of surgery performed in a typical... MORE INFO

Complete traceability of surgical instruments using White Reader

Based on the Cognex DataMan® 100 industrial ID reader, the White Reader offers unrivalled reading... MORE INFO

The Revolutionary Sensor for Aseptic Environments

Accurate, repeatable and reliable non-contact detection of vials in aseptic environments – SICK’s... MORE INFO

Sick Solution Helps Traceability and Safety Demands for SHL's Auto-injector Assembly Machine

Tracking and tracing material numbers using a 2D code reader, preventing damages and injuries via safety light... MORE INFO

Heart Valve Material Testing

A medical device manufacturer needed to test a heart valve material for long term fatigue. They wanted to... MORE INFO

Medical Device Assembly Check

A medical device manufacturer needed to inspect for the presence of two dowel pins and a plastic cover on a... MORE INFO

Device Product Number Match

A Medical Device manufacturer required a Product Number inspection during their production process. MORE INFO

Closed Loop Control Matches Improvements in CT Technology

Significant advancements in imaging capabilities have occurred recently in CT (Computed Tomography) scan... MORE INFO

2D code reading on medical products

During the manufacture and packaging of sutures, it must be ensured the products and leaflets included match.... MORE INFO

Level monitoring on a blood analyser with CQ35

Level checking on a blood analyser with CQ35 MORE INFO

Identification and differentiation of pharmaceutical packaging

Identification and differentiation of medicine packages via a 2D code with ICR840 code reader. MORE INFO

Packaging tablets using KT5-2

Packaging of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry with KT5-2 MORE INFO

Making the Rounds with Advantech’s MICA-101 at the Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital

MICA-101 handheld information system used by nursing staff to significantly reduce data entry task time.... MORE INFO

Advantech: Enhancing Productivity at the Hospitalier de Luxembourg

Advantech’s POC-S196/S176 Slim Point-of-Care Terminals provided good performance-cost ratio with needed... MORE INFO

Advantech: State-of-the-Art Bedside Infotainment Terminals Set Hospital Apart from Competition

In pursuit of high-tech, efficient services well attuned to patients’ and doctors’ needs, the... MORE INFO

Advantech: Enhancing Data Accuracy and Efficiency in the Blood Lab at the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

 Errors can occur if mistakes are made when matching blood samples to patients. MORE INFO

Advantech: Patient Infotainment Terminals Bring Benefits to Hospitals

The administration wanted a hospital that was fully patient-centric. Their vision was to have "secure... MORE INFO

Building Management Systems for Hospitals

First Mile has developed a building automation system based on InduSoft Web Studio to monitor a hospital in... MORE INFO

Better Control of the Welding Process

Machine for automated production of blood bags MORE INFO

Clean, Powerful and Efficient Electric Actuators

Twice the Efficiency with the same Power Density as Hydraulic Actuators MORE INFO

Detection of transparent bottles

Detection of transparent bottles MORE INFO

Creating a fully automated pharmacy warehouse

  Previously, the walk from the sales counter of the pharmacy to the medication drawer wasted... MORE INFO

Insight used for pharmaceutical product traceability assured through advanced 2-D code reading

Within the pharmaceutical industry, stringent legislation exists to combat counterfeit goods by ensuring each... MORE INFO

Insight Vision System Enables First Automated Learning and Testing Chamber with Real-Time Feedback

Cognex Insight vision system aids Tufts University researchers in breakthrough experiments MORE INFO

Track and trace of pharmaceutical folding boxes with Cognex vision systems: certain to be original

Cognex taking a role in the fight against counterfeit pharmaceutical packages MORE INFO

Cognex Vision Ensures Compliance for Pharmaceutical Products

With ever-changing regulations, Cognex helps pharmaceutical companies respond with ease MORE INFO

Optical inspection of pharmaceutical labels with In-Sight Micro 1400

Cognex optical inspection speeds up production and eliminates error MORE INFO

Vision system key to new serialization solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers

Cognex vision systems playing a critical role in SPDM solution MORE INFO

Vision-guided robots help automate vial and syringe filling

Integration between vision and robotics proves to be critical MORE INFO

Vision system eliminates count deviations, inspects vials

Vision system eliminates count deviations, inspects vials... MORE INFO

Traceability for medical vials

Traceability for medical vials  ... MORE INFO

Laser-cutting path corrections and inspection

Laser-cutting path corrections and inspection MORE INFO

Vision System Provides Objective Quality Spec for Elastomeric Membrane Band

Vision System Provides Objective Quality Spec for Elastomeric Membrane Band MORE INFO

In-Sight Micro delivers cutting-edge inspection capabilities for medical manufacturing

In-Sight Micro delivers cutting-edge inspection capabilities for medical manufacturing  ... MORE INFO

New pharmaceutical track and trace approach uses unique bottom marking

Ensuring the safety of the pharmaceutical supply chain MORE INFO

Tiny trace detection at high speed for medical vials

A major pharmaceutical manufacturer relies on Cognex In-Sight® vision sysetems as part of their inspection... MORE INFO

Checker used for detection, alignment and inspection of product labels

Cognex Checker® always checks the label carefully for AstraZeneca MORE INFO

Rubber stopper placement and measurement

Vials are small. The rubber stoppers that go in them, even smaller. But small things can lead to big problems... MORE INFO

Automated system inspects 2D data matrix codes

Compact controls spot bad codes for pharma bottler MORE INFO

Advantech’s Server-grade IPC for Medical Imaging Equipment -Decreased Scan Times Reduce Medical Hazards

Reduction of medical scan times is crucial due to the great amount of radiation one is exposed to, and... MORE INFO

Detecting a protruding of a test tube

Detecting a protruding of a test tube MORE INFO

Wittenstein Moves Medical Technology

Providing Peace of Mind with Reliable and Accurate Motion MORE INFO

Wittenstein Moves Packaging Without Surprises

Pharmaceutical Packaging without Surprises MORE INFO

Dornoch Medical Systems selects QTERM-G72 for Fluid Collection System

QSI was excited to take on the challenge of designing a terminal that had to meet strict medical requirements... MORE INFO

Pi Star Selects QSI's VTERM-G55 Mobile Data Terminal

PiMobileCADS and PiMobileRAMP product lines used in the para-transit and home health care industry MORE INFO

Genzyme Monitors 50,000 SCADA points with Anybus Communicator

Genzyme monitors 50,000 Scada points with Anybus Communicator MORE INFO

Production of glass container for pharmaceutical use

Production of glass containers for pharmaceutical use MORE INFO

Hybrid AC Drive performs in low-cost servo position cycler

Hybrid AC Drive performs in low-cost servo position cycler   MORE INFO

BAS Switch Fits the Needs of Medical Imaging System

BAS Switch Fits the Needs of Medical Imaging System MORE INFO

PCI20U Integrated in the Mitsubishi's Robotic Arm

PCI20U Integrated in the Mitsubishi's Robotic Arm MORE INFO

CAM/ALOT Automated Liquid Dispensing

      Galil Brings Precision and High Speed to CAM/ALOT Automated Liquid Dispensing System. ... MORE INFO

Philips Medical Systems

Galil Controller Helps Deliver Amazingly Clear, 3D Images Inside The Womb... MORE INFO

TechniScan Medical Systems-Galil

TechniScan Facilitates Precise and Painless Breast Exams using Galil Controllers... MORE INFO

Galil and TomoTherapy Target Cancerous Tumors with Precision

Galil places Hi·Art® treatment system within 1 mm accuracy... MORE INFO

Galil Motion Controllers Used in Treatment of Cancer

FSI Treats Prostate Cancer with Ultrasound and Galil Helps Them Do It MORE INFO

Automated Tube Handling System Ensures Accurate Analysis of Human Fluids

Galil’s motion technology maneuvers the robotic arms of NGNY’s automated sorter and decapper of... MORE INFO

SMAC actuators are ideal for many highly-specialized applications

High speed inspection and testing of delicate or oddly-shaped materials and parts is easy with SMAC actuators... MORE INFO

Sick Solutions Virtual Tour

See Sick Solutions In Action, MORE INFO

Valve Control

Extend Valve's Life.  Valve Control for Liquid Filler or Nitrogen dosing. MORE INFO

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