ABB Jokab Safety

ABB Jokab Safety offers an extensive range of innovative products and solutions for machine safety systems. Delivering everything from a single safety solution to complete safety systems for single machines or entire production lines.

Programmable Safety Controllers

ABB programmable safety controllers offer a unique All-Master safety PLC concept for dynamic and static safety circuits.

  • Pluto Safety PLC – Compact, powerful and user friendly safety PLC
  • Gateways – Simple communication with external networks
  • Encoder – Rotational absolute encoders for safe positioning

Safety Relays & Controllers

ABB safety relays have great flexibility and a wide range of input options. The relays are small and compact with an excellent reliability and safety level.

  • Vital safety controller
  • Safety relays
  • Expansion relays
  • Safety timers

Optical Safety Devices

ABB’s broad range of optical safety devices includes light curtains, light grids and single beam.

  • Orion 1 light curtain – for finger and hand detection
  • Orion 2 light gird – body detection transmitter and receiver
  • Orion 3 light grid – body detection active and passive unit
  • Spot 10 light beam – single beam for body detection

Safety Sensors, Switches and Locks

ABB sensors, switches and locks are used to control the gates and hatches around hazardous machinery, and to monitor the position of a machine.

  • Eden non-contact safety sensors
  • Sense non-contact safety sensors
  • MKey interlock safety switches
  • Knox safety and process lock
  • Magne magnetic process locks
  • Dalton process lock

Safety Control Devices

ABB safety control devices are used to directly start and stop dangerous machine movements.

  • Safeball – ergonomic machine control
  • JSHD4 3-position device
  • Fox – safe foot-operated safety switch
  • JSTC25 – adaptable two-hand station

Emergency Stop and Pilot Devices

ABB offers different types of traditional mushroom head type emergency stop for different types of mounting and environment as well as grab wire emergency stops which allow emergency command from any point along the installed wire length.

  • Smile – compact emergency stops and push buttons
  • Inca – emergency stops for enclosure installation
  • EStrong – emergency stop for harsh environments
  • LineStrong – Grab wire safety switches

Safety Contact Edges, Bumpers and Safety Mats

ABB pressure sensitive devices detects when a pressure is being applied to them. For example when a person is being hit by the safety edge/bumper or is standing on the safety mat.

  • GP safety customized contact edge
  • GE safety onsite contact edge
  • ASB safety bumpers
  • ASK-1T – safety mats with rubber edges
  • ASK 1U – safety mats with aluminum edges

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