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A application story from Exlar

meaf-machiners-bv-thermoformingAPPLICATION CHALLENGE

Providing higher possible mould forces and a smoother motion profile along with long service life was the goal for MEAF Machinery while designing their new KSM600 high capacity thermoforming machine. This machine, utilizing air and plug-assisted forming, enables very accurate control of the wall thickness of the plastic to form ribs and contours, resulting in a final stable plastic product.


Exlar roller screw actuator technology was chosen over less capable linear motion solutions for this application.  Ball screw average life expectancy would not meet the service requirements of the KSM600 machine. Pneumatic cylinders could not produce a sufficiently high force and stiffness for pressing and rotating. By choosing two Exlar ®FT60 actuators and one GSX60 integrated actuator, MEAF replaced the pneumatic plug drive and the cam system for opening and closing the mould. Not only were the objectives of long life and increased load met, but an electric cam profile provided by the Exlar actuators resulted in a smoother motion profile.


FT60 Force tube actuators and GSX60 integrated actuators were used to replace the cam system.  Read more

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