Relco Replaces Pneumatic Actuators with Electric in Cap Closing Application

A packaging application from Exlar.


This cap closing application has previously been performed with a pneumatic cylinder and also with a ballscrew. Relco desired more precise control.

By replacing the pneumatic cylinder with Exlar’s Tritex actuator, not only did they achieve more precision, but at a lower cost and in a smaller space. Cycle rates were increased using the high speed capability of Exlax’s linear actuators with speeds as high as 40 linear inches/second, and with the control benefits of servo technology. This flexibility allowed Relco to adjust position and speed without setting any switches or changing offsets. They simply entered a new setting in the operator interface panel. Replacing a ball screw with a roller screw can offer several advantages for your machine’s performance. Exlar’s planetary roller screw designs provide many more contact points than possible on comparably  sized ball screws, see diagram right. This means that the roller screws have higher load carrying capacities, improved stiffness, are more compact and offer longer travel life. A roller screw offers an expected service life 15 times longer than a ball screw.

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