Foam Sculpting CNC Router

Giant blocks of foam with the help of MOOG Animatics’ SmartMotor™ and JenCNC can be created into masterpieces.

Blockwire specializes in EPS foam cutting: a popular method for designing and producing high quality expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core monuments, 3D signs, sculptures and prototypes. The router is used to transform bland blocks of foam into any shape imaginable, from ivy detail on roman columns to replica sculptures, jagged rock walls and beyond. Blockwire utilizes four

SmartMotor servos on their router: 2 on the X-axis, 1 on the Y-axis and 1 on the unique 18-inch Z-axis. Not a single failure occurred from the SmartMotor that wasn’t explainable by some programming error or outside cause. Plus, since it is an integrated servo it is easier to get the machine working without learning all the inner working of the motor which saves time.

This is an application of MOOG Animatics
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