Label counting and print verification

Flawless label detection at 100 parts per second

Reconcile Engineering was faced with certain challenges from customers in the CD/DVD manufacturing sector and in the pharmaceutical sector. Challenge number 1 involved verifying that the right language is present on the printed packaging for CDs.

The second challenge involved the counting of complex pharmaceutical labels. The only solution for both applications was a vision sensor from Cognex whose intelligent part-finding sensor beat the competition hands down. According to Des Farrelly, Managing Director of Reconcile Engineering; “It would have been impossible to solve this label counting application without Cognex’s part-finding sensor.  With a successful counting rate of 100 labels a minute, we intend to include it as an option on our label counting machine from now on.”

Application Solution
Reconcile investigated the options available for this kind of inspection and tested it alongside competing systems and it was the only one to perform successfully. The part finding sensor proved very powerful in determining the text patterns printed on the CD boxes and as a result it was retrofitted onto the printing line by engineers from Reconcile. The installation was complete within 2 hours and even in this short time a mix-up successfully detected and rectified.

The system was quickly installed and is now fully operational counting labels at a rate of 100 per second. The customer is fully satisfied – not only is it easy to use and very stable, but the counting speed is unprecedented.

Recommended Product:  Cognex In-Sight 2000

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