All Electric Actuators for Active Seat Suspensions

Actuators used for active Seat Suspension Systems

Active seat suspension systems in large vehicles, trucks, tractors and ships offer an ergonomic benefit to drivers and riders by minimizing operator movement.

Large vehicles that are driven over rugged terrain or on rough seas can impart severe motion to the operator. By sensing a vehicle’s movement, active seat suspension systems position the seat such that the seat movement of the operator is reduced. Active seat suspensions can isolate the operator from nearly all of the seat motion seen in most large vehicles, trucks, tractors and ships.

The excellent response capability of Exlar’s actuators, especially when compared to the slower response of hydraulic actuators, makes them well suited and ideal for an active seat suspension system. Accelerometers and motion sensors capture the movement of the vehicle, and with Exlar’s advanced servo technology the motion of the actuator ‘cancels’ out most of that movement. This is accomplished by moving the seat up or down to keep the driver stable and ergonomically protected from the rough ride of large vehicles, trucks, tractors and ship.

Tritex solutions are available to run off the electrical power available in most trucks, tractors and ships. Their compact package and multiple available standard and custom designs make them a perfect choice to use in any active seat suspension system.

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