All Electric Scissors Lift Provide Quiet, Efficient, Clean, Green Alternative to Hydraulics

A solution to rid scissor lifts of messy hydraulic cylinders

Most often driven by hydraulics, scissors lifts have historically offered an energy-inefficient solution in elevator applications. Hydraulic actuators consume twice as much power to operate as a servo electric actuators; and another great concern is the environmental impact of oil leaks, both indoor and outdoor. Indoor risks include fire, contamination of expensive carpeting, or the danger of a hard floors made slippery with oil– all resulting in property damage or personal injury. Outdoors, oil not only contaminates the environment, but presents fire risk there as well.

Due to their compact design and high power density, Exlar all-electric actuators provide the ideal solution to rid scissors lifts of inefficient, messy hydraulic cylinders. Exlar actuators allow scissors lift designs to maintain the same compact profiles as hydraulic actuators, but provide quieter, cleaner, and better controlled operation.

Electric scissors lift can be completely self-contained, powered from a direct AC source with on board, or attached pendant controls! Provide quieter, cleaner and better controlled operation than hydraulic actuators.

Tri-Phase Automation is a distributor of Exlar in Wisconsin.
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