Damper Control for Paper Products Facilities

This application note highlights the benefits of replacing pneumatic actuators with Exlar’s Tritex II AC actuators for control of dampers in paper products manufacturing facilities.

This note illustrates benefits many customers with a variety of applications can appreciate, especially if their actuators are located in hard to access areas of their facility. Read below to find out how Exlar’s actuators address and reduce the application challenges related to damper control in paper products facilities.

In paper products manufacturing facilities, regulating the humidity in the plant is a key procedure due to the effect it has on the quality of the final product, as well as the amount of energy used in the paper making process. Too much moisture in the manufacturing environment can result in poor drying or curling of the paper rendering it unusable. In addition, if the humidity levels are too high,energy costs can rise by way of increased dryer usage. To properly regulate the humidity in these facilities, precise control of the dampers is required to ensure excess moisture is kept out of the manufacturing environment.

In order to improve damper control, engineers are replacing their pneumatic actuator solutions with more precise and reliable Exlar electric actuators. With Exlar’s Tritex II AC actuators, controls of the dampers is instantaneous, with small incremental moves possible for precise positioning and ultimate control.

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