Saudi Aramco Reduces Maintenance of Turbine with Exlar’s GSX60 Actuators

Saudi Aramco, headquartered in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, is Saudi Arabia’s national oil company and a fully integrated global petroleum enterprise. Saudi Aramco manages the world’s largest proven crude oil reserves and the world’s fourth-largest gas reserves.

Application Solution
Exlar’s GSX60 actuator eliminated the multiple single-point failure vulnerability by replacing the complex hydraulic system with the simple, compact solution shown in the photo at the right. The complete solution includes a fiberglass enclosure, a heavy duty precision trunnion bearing mount system, shock-absorbing minimum travels stops, and a thermoelectrically-cooled servo drive all designed and supplied by LCC. These components ensured the system would require minimal maintenance and trouble-shooting and that the actuator would survive in the desert conditions.

Eliminated multiple single-point failure risk

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