Building Management Systems for Hospitals

The Central Clinical Hospital of the Federal Custom Service contacted First Mile for serious upgrades to their current monitoring system. The clinical hospital needed supervisory control for nearly all of the engineering systems in the facility. Those included the HVAC system for heating, cooling, and air regulation, as well as the security system to detect and alert operators to fire hazards. As with any medical facility, the Central Clinical Hospital brought with it strict requirements.

The installation of the new system for the hospital offered a smooth transition. They constructed an application with a minimal number of screens by using key technology and VBScripting native to InduSoft Web Studio. The finished product monitors each of the engineering functions, collect information on the ventilation system, the air chiller and HVAC, the temperature, and air supply. The issue of the hot water supply was also a major aspect of the design of the system. The water, distributed by the largest supplier in Moscow, Monsenergo, required quick changes in temperature and pressure.

The result of First Mile’s project was a system installed on desktop computers running the Windows 7 operating system. In addition, because InduSoft includes built in drivers for the WAGO I/O 750-841 controllers (the Modbus/TCP protocol) the software was able to communicate directly with the equipment.

This is an InduSoft customer success story.
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