Detecting the end of a roll of labels

Rolls of labels in the packaging industry are sometimes marked in color before the end of the roll is reached. A sensor is to detect this color marking and trigger a signal so that the roll can be changed immediately to save time. The rolls run at very high velocities and the marking is not always applied in the same place or in the same color, as the label format changes frequently.

Application Solution
This task is performed by the SICK CVS1 Easy Color Vision Sensor. With its wide light spot, this sensor reliably detects the color marking, even at a large scanning range, and triggers the signal. The device has up to 8 memories for colors such that on a roll change to different label formats, it is only necessary to teach the colors once at the start using teach-in. The CVS is therefore ideal for quick label changes.

The large light spot and the scanning range ensure the signal is triggered reliably. As a result, time is saved due to the quick label change, less machine downtime and as a result money is saved.

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