Fiducials Alignment in Electronics and Solar Industry

An easy vision solution that solves precise positioning applications

Screen printing machines for PCBs and solar cells need accurate positioning. Realignment is required each time the screen is replaced. On the screen, reference markers known as “fiducials” allow fine alignment with the cell/board. The fiducials are typically white circular dots with a 3-5 mm diameter. The position result should be communicated to the PLC in an Ethernet-based protocol. The solution should be easy to install, use and maintain, and should not require vision expertise.

Inspector from SICK is an intelligent vision solution in an easy-to-use sensor package.  No programming is needed; just parameter setting of the predefined tasks. No vision expertise is required to setup the system. In any vision application the key is to get top-quality images. The screens present particular challenges. They are made of shiny metal. Reflections on the surface can appear like fiducials, causing false readings. SICK’s unique dome light is the solution to this challenge. It can be directly mounted on the Inspector to provide even light on the surface, free of unwanted reflections. Having an excellent image to work with, the powerful positioning algorithms in the Inspector can solve the application. The software tools can repeatability locate the fiducial below 5µm in a typical 10 x 10 mm field of view. The Inspector comes with comprehensive functions for production control, including image viewing, recording, and off-line support. Easy integration with the screen printer control system will ensure a flexible and fast screen replacement process, improving production yield and quality.

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