Identification and differentiation of pharmaceutical packaging

Identification and differentiation of medicine packages via a 2D code with a 2D code reader.

To achieve country-specific differentiation on its packaging, a pharmaceutical manufacturer sought a system that can read data matrix codes with a cell size of 0.33 mm at a velocity of 0.4 m/s on a transport system, and that can handle the critical, plastic-like surface finish on the packaging.

The SICK ICR840 2D code reader with 1.3-megapixel CMOS matrix sensor proved to be a suitable solution for this task. An integrator integrated the device into an overall solution comprising PC, PLC and control unit. The image refresh rate is 25 Hz with a 44 x 35 mm² field of view and a resolution of 0.2 mm As, for process-related reasons, it was known at which point the codes to be read are on the object, it was possible to increase the image refresh rate to more than 100 Hz. This increase in the image refresh rate resulted in the desired multiple reading of each code and as a result an increase in the process reliability, as the code is reliably detected several times in succession as its moves past.

Due to the usage of ICR840 2D code readers, the pharmaceutical manufacturer is able to identify the country-specific packaging to 100% and therefore to prevent the delivery of products to the wrong country.

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