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The production of Mozzarella cheese is a technical challenge. The living cultures require precisely defined site conditions and the fresh, pressure-sensitive soft cheese requires a well-conceived conveyance system to avert spoilage.

In Europe’s first fully automated production plant, Premiummarke Francia Mozzarella, the WAGO I/O SYSTEM 750 offers flexibility to meet these unique production needs. Because of the humidity in our plant, frequent disturbances arise, for example water in a valve gear can cause a short-circuit. Such disturbances are easy to locate using WAGO’s diagnostic tools, even when dealing with very large nodes. With the I/O system we have had so far no problems. The plant has been running for nearly three years and we have yet to exchange even one clamp.

“There are 50 field bus nodes in the plant – from the delivery area to the packing department. These nodes monitor filling conditions, temperatures of drives, etc.. The speed of operation of these nodes offers sufficient reserves for planned production increases.

This is a customer success story from Wago.
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