Cognex vision in quality inspection and sorting – Gunnar Dafgard AB

Cognex vision guarantees perfect pizza

Gunnar Dafgård AB is Sweden’s largest family business in the food sector. Every day 110,000 units of Billy’s pan-pizza (a brand of Gunnar Dafgård AB) are manufactured and distributed frozen, to food services and to retail outlets in Sweden and beyond. Each individual pizza must be inspected to ensure correct form, size and look, all vital statistics for the success of a brand on any tough consumer market. In order to maintain high production levels as well as reliable and consistent quality control, a robust and highly automated solution needed to be found.

The In-Sight® 5100 vision system from Cognex inspects the position of the pizzas on the production line ensuring the look, the size and the form of the pizzas are correct. Even the coverage of cheese on the surface of the pizza is inspected. Any pizzas not conforming are rejected. The vision system was installed by a Cognex’ Partner System Integrator, AVT Industriteknik AB. AVT developed a user-friendly interface which made it possible for the employees on the pizza line to make choices of different vision applications and make adjustments of the vision program without any previous experience in machine vision.

According to Ove Rydberg, Project Leader of Dafgård, “Our use of vision-system for automatic inspection is an integrated part of the job for improved quality and a better working environment for the employees on the pizza-line. Cognex was chosen based on the fact that Cognex has in-depth knowledge of the food industry worldwide”.

This is an customer success story from Cognex.

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