Packaging machine upgrade for inspection verification

Packaging machine upgrade for inspection verification

The transparent lid of each baby food container being produced at Huhtamaki at very high rates each day has a label affixed declaring the contents and flavor of the food. Each must be correctly labeled. Vision sensors were the only possibility for such high speed production where human inspection would not be viable.

The solution was based on a Cognex In-Sight® vision system equipping both lines on the conveyor with a camera and connecting the Huhtamaki interface simply by OPC on one PC. The use of Cognex advanced vision tools in the form of PatMax® technology provided for a simple interface with the product images clearly displayed and played a decisive part in recognizing the label and acquiring the image to be assessed. Using PatMax, the program memorizes and recognizes an area of text and certain aspects of the label as well as its positioning on the lid.

There is no need for any complex parameter configuration which ensures ease of use and long term flexibility. An item that does not correspond correctly to the image acquired is immediately rejected. The capacity of PatMax to acquire a sufficient amount of detailed information ensures not only zero defects but also a negligible rate of false rejects.

This is a application story from Cognex.

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