Electric Actuators Replace Pneumatics for Testing

SMAC electric actuators (Moving Coil Technology) are replacing conventional pneumatics in standard QC and Switch Test applications due to the high degree of precise force control and programmability.

Major global manufacturers of mobile phones are replacing their in-house pneumatic production and test systems with SMAC electric actuator systems. The major reason for the change is the precise force control which allows the testing of different parts of the phone key pad with different forces, extremely difficult and costly to do with old fashioned pneumatic devices. Also, highly accurate positioning control within 20 microns is possible, and the unique SMAC electric actuator solution also delivers a more compact and neater solution with lower installation, maintenance and running costs.

The SMAC electric actuator systems provide 100% feedback and data provision for the manufacturer’s QC checking, SPC and quality systems. This in-line testing significantly improved quality, reduced waste and increased efficiency during production.

This application success story is from SMAC.
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