Fuel Injector Plug Gauging

The bore inside a fuel injector part is in a deep-drawn metal part inside of a plastic injection molded body. Sometimes during the injection molding process, the bore is crushed. Gauging, performed by LVDTs, load cells and air cylinders, left marks on the fuel injector plugs being measured, causing all of them to be rejected by the end customer, a major automobile company. The parts manufacturer turned to SMAC for a solution.

Gauging is now done with a plug gauge on the end of an LAL20-25 (with a maximum of 100 grams force) to detect if the hole is undersized, crushed or dented in, without marking the part during the process. The customer states that with the SMAC technology applied, that they are able to detect obstructions in the bore as small as five to 10 microns.

Delicate touch means that contact surfaces can still be measured even if they have different shapes, texture or compressibility.

This application success story is from SMAC.
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