Permanent Medical Instrument Part Marking Systems

Exceptional Laser Marking Solutions, Standardized to Simplify the Medical Device Manufacturing Process

Telesis has a broad line of laser sources designed specifically for medical device marking. This versatility allows you mark virtually any material whether the need is corrosion-proof annealing, deep engraving, high contrast 2D matrix codes to meet HIBCC standards, color marking on SS and titanium, or virtually any type of traceability on any material.

Laser technologies include:

  • CO-series CO2 lasers
  •  E-series diode-pumped solid state lasers in near IR and Green wavelengths including the latest technology air-cooled EV40 vanadate laser system for medical device corrosion resistant marking on implants and surgical instruments.
  • F-series Yb:  FIBER lasers

Need to track FDA data?  Our Engineers can help you with your permanent marking, validation and modern traceability needs.