Telesis dot peen marker powers award-winning anti-crime initiative

Property Marking Ireland uses Telesis model to discourage theft

Telesis Technologies, Inc. is the sole provider of dot peen markers for an anti-crime initiative that has swept the nation of Ireland. A newly formed nonprofit agency, called Property Marking Ireland (PMI), was looking to reduce property crime by making it easier to trace stolen property and return recovered items to their rightful owners. At the center of the initiative are handheld, dot-peen markers that etch a unique EIRCODE  number into phones, computers, lawn equipment, bicycles, and other frequently stolen items. Every home and business in Ireland has a unique  EIRCODE, which is a sort of combination of Zip Code and street address. Property Marking Ireland (PMI) gave Telesis’ BenchMark 460 dot peen machines to communities.Telesis Benchmark

“Households and businesses are less likely to be victims of crime when they have their valuables security marked,” according to Property Marking Ireland.

In October 2019, PMI was named one of six winners of the prestigious Social Entrepreneurs Ireland (SEI) Awards. The SEI, launched in 2004, aims to promote methods that solve or ease social ills, Winners of the SEI award  split 240,000 Irish Pounds (roughly US$355,000) and participated in a nine-month accelerator program designed to help them scale their non-profit enterprise.

Property Marking Ireland (PMI) has already purchased 18 of Telesis’ BenchMark 460 model, a handheld, fully programmable, battery operated dot-peen marker that’s packaged in a rugged and convenient carrying case. The 460 model has a tungsten carbide-tipped pin that can “write” two characters per second to an accuracy of 0.006mm on a variety of metal and plastic surfaces.


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