Permanent Marking Technology for Outdoor Equipment and Parts

Mark outdoor equipment, machinery,  and parts with serial numbers, dates, codes, logos, graphics and more using permanent marking technology from Telesis!

Telesis, a leader in permanent marking technology, product identification and traceability technology. Every day, thousands of manufacturing environments throughout the world rely on Telesis’ wide range of permanent, programmable laser, Pinstamp Dot Peen and Telescribe scribe marking systems. Fast and durable, Telesis delivers the marking systems you need for everything from plastic products to delicate medical instruments, large diesel engines to tiny eighth of an inch bolts.

  • Corrosion-Proof Annealing
  • Deep Engraving
  • 360 Degree Cylindrical Marking
  • High Contract Marks
  • Reflective Materials

Laser Marking
From metal automotive components, delicate plastics, ceramics, and glass and you can mark virtually any material with text, bar codes, 2-D codes, logos and graphics.

Telesis Dot Peen Marking Machine
Available in pneumatic or electric models

Dot Peen Marking Machines
The pneumatically or electric driven metal pins permanently indent the target surface with the most consistent dot available.

Learn more about Telesis Marking Technologies  or Contact Tri-Phase Automaton/IMAC, an authorized distributor of Telesis, to talk with a permanent marking technology specialist.


Watch the Video. Our engineer explains the dot peen marking method.