Part Marking Solution for Plastic Material

From delicate plastics, ceramics, and glass to metals, you can permanently mark virtually any material with text, bar codes, 2-D codes, logos and graphics using the Telesis Laser Marking System. Plus, No Consumables – Rated for 100,000 hours of work and no parts to replace.

Telesis, a leader in product identification and traceability technology, offers a wide range of permanent, programmable laser, Pinstamp Dot Peen and Telescribe scribe marking systems. Learn more about Telesis Marking Technology

 Whether you are marking plastic medical devices or automotive parts, we can assist you with selecting the right permanent marking system solution for your product material or application.  Contact Us to schedule a complimentary consultation with a Tri-Phase Automation/IMAC engineer and learn about permanent marking technology.

Watch the video  UV/One All-in-one Ultraviolet Laser Marking System from Telesis