Monitoring Paragliders, the Samba PLC+HMI takes flight

Monitoring a motor of paraglider in action!  A success story from Unitronics.

Jiri Sramek, a system integrator in the Czech Republic, wanted to track and communicate the speed and tension of motorized paragliders more accurately.  To be able to monitor and track the relevant data, Jiri Sramek needed a lightweight, compact PLC that could fit into the pilot’s pack. The paraglider motor is mounted in a backpack worn by the pilot.

He selected, an all-in-one PLC+HMI Samba from Unitronics which offers a full-function PLC, integrated 4.3-inch touchscreen HMI, and 20 onboard I/O points.  The Samba is connected to a strain gauge, measuring tension as a function of speed.  The PLC displays this data on the HMI screen as a graph and also writes it to an Excel file.  The data can then be exported either to a PC via USB or to a server. The Samba offered a PLC and HMI all in one compact package that was easy to fit into a backpack.

The Samba from Unitronics is very cost effective and provides all the necessary functions and features.  The all-in-one programming is included free of charge to all users. Jiri Sramek was impressed by the single-environment software, VisiLogic, saying it provided “clear, simple programming … The work is very intuitive.”

Tri-Phase Automation is a Distributor of Unitronics products in Wisconsin.