Ewon Standardized for all of Cofresco’s remote access needs

Cofresco Remote Maintenance with eWon

remote maintenanceA leader manufacturer of home solutions for the storage of food,  Confresco develops new products solutions and new complex automation for the household. Cofresco Europa manufactures film products mainly for Glad,Handy Bag and PrimaPackamong as well as others. The company developed a remote maintenance structure for each of its supplier in order to be able to find them virtually.

Interface Standardization

As many engineering companies have their remote maintenance system, the company wanted to uniform this structure in a standard one to avoid errors due to the multiple VPN certificates. This standardization could also bring a simpler and more unique interface, facilitating the use for the employees.  Cofresco selected eWON remote maintenance router in along with the Talk2M online service portal.

Multiple Features

Routers from eWON more importantly are fully robust and suited to industrial use. The eWON system can incorporate a camera which points directly at the connected PLC so it is possible to see remotely if variables are correctly adjusted.


  • Perform a good machine start-up
  • Standardization of the multiple VPN connections and interface
  • Answer to IT stanard in an easy way

Download and read more about this eWon case story.  Ewon cofresco case story