Integrated Step Servo motors used to expedite and support the production of ventilators

Applied Motion Products, Inc works together with HEIDENHAIN to expedite critical components to a large manufacturer of ventilators. StepSERVO™ Integrated Motors from Applied Motion Products are equipped with HEIDENHAIN encoders are making their way into the production of 5,000 new life-saving medical devices.

StepSERVO™ is the Next Evolution in Step Motor Technology
StepSERVO™ is the next evolution in step motor technology

StepSERVO™ Integrated Motors combine a proven integrated motor design with a high-resolution incremental encoder and closed-loop firmware. This combination provides users with the ability to create peak torques up to 50% higher than open loop motors, as well as operate cooler and quieter – especially important to ventilator manufacturers. The incremental RENCO RCML 15 rotary encoders used in the design are compact and continue to provide easy-to-integrate motion control performance.

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