A Complete Brewery Control System for a Sophisticated Beer Production Process

SPIN FX produces a complete Brewery control system using UniStream® All-in-One PLC + HMI 15.6” and UniStream 10.4” paired with Unitronics VFDs.

Unitronics _SPIN-FX_-VFD-and-UniStream-15-inch-PLCHMI

A Food and Beverage Industry application story from Unitronics

A industrial automation firm, SPIN FX located in Poland, produces a system that controls all of the components of a Brewery operation including fermentation. They needed a PLC to control brewing processes, a large HMI panel able to display data, sound alerts in real-time and send SMS notifications, and VFDs for mixing. As a result, UniStream® All-in-One PLC + HMI 15.6” was selected for Brewery control, along with a UniStream 10.4” to control the brewing process, paired with Unitronics VFDs.

The powerful PLCs control the complex, sophisticated process of beer production in real-time, coordinating individual operations of the Brewery components. The important aspect of maintaining temperature  while adding ingredients, at the time valves are automatically opened to dose the water is one example. The PLC tracks the incoming volume of water through flowmeters, while coordinating heaters and mixers to hold the liquid temperature at set-point.  Utilizing Unitronics’ VFDs made it simple to accurately regulate the rotational speed of mixers.

  • Integrated 15.6” HMI screen displays data, such as the spices and malts filling the tanks to the operator. Once the brewing is complete, the UniStream controlling brewing sends data to the controller responsible for the filtration process via TCP. The data is used to regulate the specific conditions for fermentation.
  • All necessary values and trend graphs are visualized on screen.
  • SPIN FX created the entire PLC control and HMI application, including VFD setup and control, using Unitronics All-in-One UniLogic™ software.
  • Their end-user application logs activity done on the product during fermentation, the registration process of washing the empty fermenter – and archives process parameters.