Automated Measurement Tool – Height Gauge Replacement

The MLA Automated Measurement Tool can be used as a replacement for traditional height gauges

The new Automated Measurement Tool from SMAC addresses the limitations of using a traditional height gauge. Shop floor part measurement is often made using traditional height gauges. These typically have several drawbacks such as:

  • Manually Zeroing
  • Adjusting a dial indicator (moving it up or down with one hand)
  • Tapping dial indicator slightly to be able to get a good reading.
  • Measured reading is only to 2 decimal points resolution (mm)

More complex and pricey digital height gauges are in the market with additional features making measurement easier, however these digital height gauge require more technical competency to operate. In addition, the equipment can exceed $5,000-$10,000 in initial cost.

The MLA Automated Measure Tool Solution

SMAC Measurement Tool Height Gauge ReplacementNo backlash to effect measurement accuracy

The automated Measurement Tool uses a direct drive linear motor and subsequently has no backlash to impact measurement accuracy and repeatability.

Soft Land Technology

The exclusive “Soft-Land” technology enables the actuator to move slowly and gently nudge into the surface to be measured. Then it can stop and even apply a desired force to be used during measurement.

There is no manual operation involved removing all human error
 Measure in vertical or horizontal orientations

The SMAC Measurement Tool uses a built-in encoder with 1 micron resolution. This translates to 3 decimal point measurement resolution (mm) or better. Furthermore, the device can measure both in vertical or horizontal orientations from respective datums.

No high degree of technical expertise is required.

Measurement data can be automatically uploaded to data collection devices through standard serial communication. Machine operators can be swiftly trained to make measurements in the Inch or Metric using a simple HMI.

Cost Effective Solution

Complete kits are priced under $2,000 making the SMAC Measurement Tool a cost effective and improved measuring technology solution.

Tri-Phase Automation is a SMAC Distributor in Wisconsin and Illinois.  

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