Cognex In-Sight 3D Vision System

All-in-one vision system solves 3D Inspection applications as easily as 2D vision

A revolutionary step forward in 3D vision technology, the In-Sight® 3D-L4000 vision system from Cognex combines 3D laser displacement technology with a smart camera.  This allows factory engineers to solve a wide variety of inspections on an automated production line quickly, accurately, and cost effectively.

Cognex 3DL4000-Vision System angle-left-with-cables-720x528

Better image formation in real-world settings

  • High-performance 2K resolution 3D smart camera
  • Patented speckle-free blue laser optics systems to minimize speckles and glare issues.
  • Broad suite of easy-to use true 3D vision tools
  • 3D vision tools are easy as 2D tools thanks to the familiar In-Sight spreadsheet set-up.

Food and Beverage Applications

Cognex 3D Cookie-inspection-720x450
Cookie Defect Detection
Cookie-packaging-Cognex 3D Inspection
Package Inspection
Cognex 3D Beverage-cap-inspection-720x462
Cap Inspection
Packaging-quality Cogn #D inspection-720x450
Item Location

Electronics Applications

Consumer Products Applications

Connector-pin Cognex 3D inspection
Connector Pin Height Inspection
Cognex electronics Carrier-flatness-3D inspection-720x450
Carrier Flatness Inspection
Fill-level-Cognex 3D inspection-720x450
Fill Level Inspection
Cognex Detergent Cap 3D inspection-720x450-
Cap Inspection