Cognex In-Sight D900 Vision System

Cognex In-sight® D900 Vision System
powered by In-Sight Vidi™
Deep Learning-Based Vision Software

Cognex In-Sight® D900 The In-Sight D900, powered by In-Sight ViDi™, is a deep learning-based hardware and software solution that enables factory automation customers to easily solve challenging OCR, assembly verification, and defect detection applications. These inline applications are often too difficult to program with traditional, rule-based machine vision algorithms and require reliable, fast and consistent results not possible with human inspection.

In-Sight ViDi applications are built with the familiar and easy-to-use spreadsheet platform which simplifies application development and factory integration. They are deployed on the In-Sight D900 smart camera without the need for a PC, making deep learning technology accessible to non-programmers.

The In-Sight D900 offers all the modular benefits of the In-Sight 7000 such as IP67 rating, integrated lighting, flexible lenses, filters, and covers, plus HPIT illumination.


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What is Deep Learning solution, and how Cognex’s® solution can provide a new and powerful tool for machine vision.
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Cognex’s® Deep Learning solution provides an innovative and potentially game changing approach to machine vision applications.  Understand what Deep Learning is, what types of machine vision applications it can and cannot solve, and how Cognex® is implementing it in a robust and proven hardware platform.  We will also introduce Cognex’s® new In-Sight® D900 Deep Learning enabled smart cameras, and you will see how these algorithms further enhance Cognex’s® suite of powerful vision tools.   

The Cognex In-Sight D900 puts the power of deep learning at your fingertips

In-Sight Read Tool solves
challenging OCR applications in minutes
cognex D900 vidi read
In-Sight Vidi Check Tool performs
fast and accurate assembly verification
In-Sight Vidi Detect Tool analyzes complex defect task 
Cognex D900 Vidi Detect

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