GERWAH specializes in trail-blazing couplings for driving technology and conveying engineering.

Metal Bellow Couplings

Metal bellows couplings made by GERWAH are the perfect choice in many areas where torsionally rigid and backlash-free shaft connections are required.

  • Compensate angular, axial and radial misalignments
  • Transmit the rotational angle with highest precision
  • Compact shape and low moments of inertia

Servo-Insert Couplings

GERWAH Servo-Insert Couplings are used in driving technology when precise, low-vibration power transmission is required.

  • Backlash-free
  • Vibration-damping
  • Plug-in mounting
  • Compensate angular, axial and radial misalignments
  • Made for torques of up to 650 Nm

Line Shafts

GERWAH backlash-free Line Shafts are the perfect choice when large centre distances have to be covered.

  • Elements are available with metal bellows or elastomeric spiders
  • Torque and rotating movements are transmitted with highest angular accuracy
  • lengths of up to six metres are possible.

Safety Couplings

GERWAH Safety Couplings protect engines, servos and connections from damage due to operation errors or malfunction.

  • High-speed cut-out function
  • Coupling disconnects driver and driven component within milliseconds
  • Backlash-free torque transmission

GERWAH® Torsionally Rigid Disc Couplings

Flexible Torsionally Rigid Disc Couplings can compensate for angular, axial, and radial misalignments while transmitting torque backlash-free between driver and driven components.

  • Operate without wear or maintenance
  • Insensitive even to very high temperatures
  • Never need lubrication

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