Hammond Power Solutions

HPS has grown to become the largest dry-type transformer manufacturer in North America.

Isolation Transformers

HPS Control Transformers are Isolation Transformers designed to provide a high degree of secondary voltage stability (regulation) during a brief period of overload condition (also referred to as “inrush current”).

  • HPS Imperator – Molded for Industrial Machine Tools
  • HPS Spartan – Open Core and Coil for Light Industrial Applications
  • HPS Fusion – General Purpose Enclosed Transformer
  • HPS Q-Series – Enclosed for Industrial Machine Tools – Low Voltage
  • HPS MVC-Series – General Purpose Industrial Control Applications – Medium Voltage

Drive Isolation Transformers

HPS offers Drive Isolation Transformers to meet the rugged demands of both AC and DC variable speed drives and also provide the required voltage change.

  • HPS Tribune – Energy Efficient Drive Isolation Transformers
  • HPS Standard Drive Isolation Transformer

Motor Starting Autotransformers

The 2A and 3A product line is designed for Medium Duty service including applications for drive loads such as pumps, compressors, conveyers and fans.

  • Manufactured in accordance with NEMA Industrial Controls and Systems, Publication No. ICS-1970.
  • 2A Motor Starting Autotransformer: Three phase, 2 coil, suitable for motor starters with 2 contacts, connected in open ‘V’ configuration
  • 3A Motor Starting Autotransformer: Three phase, 3 coil suitable for motor starters with 3 contacts, connected in a three phase ‘Wye’ configuration

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